2020 Spring April 18 Saturday

35 degrees this morning, 89% humidity Wind mph

Yesterday was a miserable, windy day.  Cool most of day (around 40 degrees) although it actually reached a high of 62 degrees late afternoon.

The weather even said this was “February 1” weather, not April 17 weather!  

I thought about walking today, but at the time I usually walk it was 40 degrees and about 20 mph wind.  I stepped outside, but decided I wasn’t going to take a chance on coughing again.  

Had my first “telemedicine” visit today, just a routine follow-up.  Quite frankly it won’t replace a real visit, although it was ok for what the visit was for.  I  guess it could lead to someone having a “Doctor” thousands of miles away, kind of like someone with a favorite sports team thousands of miles away!

I used to have a colleague who would absolutely go water skiing every April 15.  I have no idea how long he continued it. Considering how cold it is on April 15, I don’t know how he did it without getting hypothermia or whatever.  

I never really realized how cold it could be on April 15 until he told me that!

Glad the weekend is here again.  Even with restricted travel , etc., I still have plenty to do.  

I was thinking about my theory concerning “battery” powered houses/buildings that decentralized from “the grid” and are self sufficient on their own. It would work especially if there are designed to use wind and sun to “store” electricity so they were entirely sufficient.  

Perhaps electric vehicles could even be the same and store up electricity from the sun and wind powered generators.  

In this “new normal,” it would be a good idea to be able to decentralize from the “grid”.  I don’t know how we would ever be able to “decentralize” our food supply. 

Now would be a good time for me to go back and review the “food supply” chain and how there coddle be problems with it.  

Considering the current situation, where farmers and cattle raisers are literally throwing food away while there are lines literally miles long for Food Bank items, it seems there much be a way to take the milk, vegetables and other food now be thrown away and harvesting it for the people who need it.  

It seems there could be a way to help both the farmers, as well as the persons who need some help getting food.

Considering the trillions thrown at businesses (much of it misused by big business paying lobbyists to pay off politicians to sneak provisions in so they can rip off tax $ meant for small businesses, literally stealing tax $.  

Big business who spend billions “buying back” shares instead of saving for a rainy day are now being thrown tax $ meant to small businesses.  Of course with the corrupt administration in office now, what else would you expect?

I’m sure for what one business is ripping off, they could use the use the funds to resolve the problem of throwing away food and long food lines while providing for more employment , etc.  

Just a lack of creativity and the greedy politicians just doing things the “same old way” and getting the taxpayer ripped off again.  

That’s it for now Saturday, April 18, 2020.


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