2020 Spring April 19 Sunday

60  degrees this morning 72% humidity

Relatively good day yesterday, cool, but no wind. Sunny most of the day.  Supposed to rain and storms, so it was nice to have a good day.

Walk:  23:39 minutes, pace was 55 seconds slower than my goal.  I had decided to “stroll” rather than try to go fast, and my time wasn’t that much different.  

Walk (cool down walk):  13;54 minutes 

Twenty-five years ago today, the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  While I won’t go into detail today, it is always a time and experience that is seared in my memory.  Not just the actual event itself, but the events that followed, seeing the news trucks, the lighting and rescue operations 24 hours a day, seeing tanks and military guarding the area, and perhaps most of all the outpouring of support by Oklahoma City residents.  I literally remember most of the events like it was yesterday. 

Throughly disgusted with PayPal.  Couldn’t set it up because it kept saying it “was having a problem”.   I couldn’t call them so supposedly you’d text them and they would respond, “within an hour”.  They never responded, but after about an hour, a message would come up “something went wrong”.

I remember now why I never liked PayPal, I first tried to use it years ago and had the same problem.  Of course, now they are trying to blame the virus for their incompetence.  

As we adjust to the “new normal,” we are learning both the positive and pitfalls of ordering groceries on-line for pickup or delivery.  

As I have mentioned, “Substitutes” aren’t always really well thought out, so we just say “no substitutes”.  However, there is also the problem of getting the wrong item sometimes 2 or 3 of the same item , etc.

Many of these problems may be “operator error”  (i.e., my mistakeI) rather than the fault of the business.  Fortunately most of the errors are relatively inexpensive. We just chalk it up to experience.  

Part of the problem is there is only one store that we can trust to always have the item once we put I tin our “cart”.  So if I’m not  sure if we’ll get something, so we may order it from several sources hoping we will get it from one!   Of course, in that case, we always get what we order from all the stores!

The state is talking about “opening” the state from the virus shutdown.  Hardly a good idea when they still can’t test for the virus and people are still catching it and deaths are increasing daily.  It seems rather than making rash and misleading statements about “dates” they should be discussing “circumstances” to determine under what conditions they will open up, not just dates.

Yesterday I started listening to a “Great Course” about Comparative Religion, which concentrates on the life and teachings of Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad.  

I like it because it has a written PDF I can review prior to or after I listen to it.  I guess it could be considered “multi-media” learning!  

At the start he mentions each person attempted to describe or teach the “Art of how to live life well”.  I like that.  

The first lesson, while introductory, promises to be an interesting Course, something I can look forward to while walking. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 19, 2020

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