2020 Spring April 20 Monday

51 degrees this morning  95% humidity

Yesterday was coolish, but nice, much colder than “average”.

Walk: 24:07 minutes, pace was 54 seconds slower than my goal.

Saw a comment on tv about an American Indian tribe representative saying that  “if they lose their elders they lose their culture , etc.”. 

Meanwhile  cowering coward trumpies are promoting killing senior citizens so they can make more money and buy a few more houses or airplanes and help the lying coward lunatic win re-election so he can continue to keep destroying the environment  stealing tax $ for his personal businesses and shoveling trillions of tax $ to his donors, lobbyists and big business. 

This was emphasized to me since  the book I am listening to on my walk is in the Confucius stage and they emphasis how history was so important to Confucius which included not only history and older people but a great respect for dead ancestors.  

Saw pence on tv yesterday, I really don’t know how he lives with himself, he was kow towing to the lying coward lunatic and lying about him being a “great leader” which is a real joke. He had  to know he is lying. 

In my opinion the lying coward lunatic has completely lost his mind, and is committing treason by encouraging people in states with Democratic governors to riot.  He ought to be personally responsible for any damage or deaths.  A real scumbag moron, a bad joke as a so called president. 

The joke fox “news” ought to lose their license and be charged with criminal fraud for their “Doctors” promoting products that are nothing but attempts to rip off people and take advantage of their fears.  

The lunatic has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands who got extremely sick or died due to his negligence, incompetence and game playing.   At some time, he will need to be accountable for this, to whom I don’t know.  I guess the American people and perhaps the people of the world.  

Speaking of quotes, several weeks ago, I woke down a quote that I thought was impressive was “ the view from the ground depends on where you are standing”.  When I first heard that I laughed and laughed.  I wasn’t laughing at the quote, it was so true, I couldn’t help laughing about it.  

When you think about it, it is obvious true.  Actually, I may be overthinking it, but it is really a correct observation.

I can look back on my life and see times when my “view from the ground” changed depending on “where I was standing”.  

A lot of really vivid dreams lately, I rememberer them but they are so complex and vivid, I have a hard time writing them down and capturing the overall fabric and flow of the dream. 

I understand that for some reason the virus or the pandemic aspect of it leads to vivid dreams, or it seems I dream more in the Spring and Summer.  Or maybe not.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 20, 2020.


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