2020 Spring April 22 Wednesday

 61 degrees this morning, 88% humidity, wind 12 mph

Excellent day yesterday, high of 81 degrees, little or no wind, sunny.  My kind of day!  It also means Summer weather is coming!

Already, the days are getting longer, as they slowly work their way to the first day of Summer when it all goes south again and the days get shorter even in the height of Summer.

There were thunder storms and rain last night.  Although It didn’t’ rain much here, there was wild weather in parts of the state with high winds, extremely heavy rain and up to baseball size hail.

It is supposed to rain much of today, although it is clear now.  

Walk, 23:27  minutes,  pace was 59 seconds slower than goal.

I was disappointed in learning that the Apple extended warranty doesn’t apply to “accessories”.  I had been advised otherwise by an Apple representative. 

I’ll just buy an “Amazon essential” mouse for $5.00 that  lasts forever before I pay $87 for a mouse that doesn’t last past 21/2 years of light use.

Actually we have the “trackpad” and we are used to using it and we like it as much as the mouse, so we don’t even need the mouse with the iMac

I have  been using  an “Amazon essentials” keyboard and mouse  (meaning cheap and wired) for my work computer.  They are very nice and I think both were like $12, I may be a little wrong on that, but it is close.  

They are wired, which is all I can use with the work computer anyway.  We can’t use any wireless accessories , etc., for security reasons. Probably overkill, but I can’t blame them, 

 In a  way, life right now (while everything is shut down) seems like it is on “hold,” even though time is moving on, even without the normal activities.  

It seems to be like we are “waiting,” except we don’t know when or for what.  Not unpleasant, just again a feeling of “waiting”. 

We don’t really think about it, but we are only one mistake away from possibly being infected with a very painful and likely (for us) fatal consequences.  

All we can do is do our best to avoid it and not worry about it, but be aware. Not much else we can do. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

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