2020 Spring April 23 Thursday

 55 degrees this morning, 94% humidity, wind 11  mph

Rain off and on all day yesterday, good thing was it was just rain, not the storms other areas were having.

No walk today, there was actually a short respite from the rain when I normally walk, but I decided not to push it, either the rain or the cold or the coughing.

Lots of times in the past, rainy days made me cough more.  

Our rather stupid Governor decided to “open up” the economy, starting with barbers, hair places and nail places THIS Friday.  Let me rephrase that, our obviously stupid governor.

The person who has been cutting my hair almost since we moved here (at least 5 1/2 years, I think I got my hair cut one place before I went to her) texted me and asked if I wanted to schedule a haircut this Friday.

I don’t blame her, I’m sure she’s getting bored, probably needs the money and she works by herself so she can keep the area safe.

I really just wasn’t psychologically ready to even consider it, so I told her I’ll see her (maybe) in a few weeks.

The scary thing is the “infection curve” is still going up and he actually opened up the most contact types of businesses, this Friday, barbers, hair stylists and nail places?  Give me  a break!  

Scary we have a governor with such little common sense and who doesn’t pay any attention to the facts, but, like I say, he ran for the job saying he didn’t have any qualifications for it, and he is proving he isn’t qualified every day!

This is the same governor who is taking $40 MILLION in emergency federal education funds and is going to use it for scholarships for private schools!  What a dunce!  Public schools are devastated by effects of the virus  and he is going to give rich kids scholarships to private school with the funds meant for low and moderate income public schools!


I have always thought they gave Governors way to much discretion in making decisions about federal funds (I have seen some really stupid uses of millions of dollars in federal funds in three states.)  

Anyway, I don’t really care how many places “open up,” I’m going to keep  “sheltering in place” until I feel like it is safe. 

I may have a major decision if they try to send us “in the field” again too soon, but I don’t think they well, they are actually pretty good about providing  a safe  working environment.  

Hopefully the governor won’t make any rash decisions, but his actions and behavior don’t give me much hope  This is the governor who received nationwide jeers for his tweeting pictures of himself and his family in a crowded restaurant telling everyone to “come on out, the restaurant is crowded” literally the day before he declared an emergency setting all the restaurants down.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 23, 2020.

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