2020 Spring April 24 Friday

64 degrees this morning ,71% humidity,  wind  10 mph

Weather yesterday was wonderful, high in the low 80’s, no wind and, for the most part, sunny.  

Walk 22:42 minutes, pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal.   I’m getting closer all the time!

Cool-down walk was 14:42 minutes

Kind of a weird situation here, the state governor is inexperienced to say the least and started a state wide “opening” virus , actually today, Friday.  For whatever weird reason moved up from May 1, 6, or 15 depending on whom you talk too.  

For some strange reason, he included nail places, beauty and barber shops , etc.  

Anyway a lot of the more experienced Mayors aren’t “opening up” so there is a mishmash of plans and places open , etc.

Doesn’t matter to me, we aren’t going to go in any businesses for a while anyway.  We aren’t taking any chances, especially from a governor who kow tows and licks the boots of a lying coward lunatic and is ignoring his “experts” advice and continues his clownish, inept and incompetent behavior.  

Still don’t know how it is going to affect work.  The governors “opening up” didn’t affect employees yet. Rumor has it mid-May.  By then it should be relatively ok, or it will have restarted again due to the too early “opening” and we’ll be in for more “in house” quarantine.

If you really think about it, there isn’t much difference between today, April 24 and the original starting date of May 1, 6 or 15.  Seems rather strange they would push for just a week, especially since all the health experts say it is too early,  but what else do we expect  anymore?  

I have  never watched many series on tv.  Actually, the last one I watched was “Hill Street Blues” which goes back almost 35 years.  I really enjoyed the series, especially “Captain Furillo” and the way he handled the small and large events and concerns of the public and his Officers.  

I’m sure now it would appear dated I never watched any re-runs of it.

Anyway, during this “quarantine,” I mentioned I was watching “Longmire” as my “lunch break” and “coffee shop break” series, a pattern I started about five years ago, when I started having to take lunch hours.

As I have mentioned, I started with Downton Abby, then the Sopranos, then Bosch, the Wire, then  the Blacklist and now Longmire.

What changed during the quarantine or whatever you call it, was I started watching “Chicago PD,” and now I can understand how people get hooked on series , etc.   Since we are watching them on “Prime,” so there are no commercials, which really help enjoy watching them. 

That’s it for now, Friday, April 24, 2020.

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