2020 Spring April 25 Saturday

51 degrees this morning, 83% humidity Wind 10 mph

Yesterday was another beautiful day, 78 or so degree for a  high, little wind.  It did start looking like rain in the morning but it cleared up.  

Walk:  22:35 minutes, pace was 53 seconds slower than my goal pace.  I’m not worried 

about how fast  I walk right now, although some days I push it, some days I “stroll”., so to speak 

Cool down walk was 14:23 minuets 

I was thinking, even if I walk ever day, I’m not even close to the exercise I was before the “Shelter in Place”, since I walked for work, shopping and even eating out took exercise.  

I’ll be able to tell how good the “Feetures” socks lifetime guarantee is.  I have worn them for exercise walking since I wore my first pair.  They are worth every penny.

A pair I bought last August got a hole in front so I’ll see how good the guarantee is.  Of course, by the time I go to the trouble and cost to use the guarantee, I may as well throw them away and buy a new pair!  So much for the true value of the “lifetime” warranty.

Kind of like the rubber combs with a “lifetime warranty” against breaking or I remember the shoe salesman who told my Mom the shoes had a “lifetime warranty” on the soles.  I thought it was a great deal until she pointed out the tops of the shoes would wear out long before the soles!

I think I bought my first Feetures sock about 4 years ago.  They all have lasted and perform well,, so I’m really not complaining.  It could be that during “normal” times I could have left the defective pair at the store.

I was lucky I had the sales ticket, I bought them at the same time I bought a pair of shoes, so I had the ticket, date etc.  

I’m not sure what it is about them, but they just feel much better to wear when I exercise walk.


I actually realized last night I haven’t driven a car since Sunday.  We went out to get a “curbside” meal and the lady who came out asked if we were on a “car date”!  In the parking lot several people had parked heir SUV’s back to back and having “dinner out”! 

It helps to be a little creative!

Probably the month of May will be harder than other months, without the normal rituals like graduation, and some of the events of early Summer. 

Saturday, start of a weekend.  I have always liked the weekends, but they are especially important now, with me doing the same thing throughout the week.  Not that I dislike my job, but I really do like the variety of going out in the field.

 And now the weekend is the variety.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 25, 2020.

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