2020 Spring April 26 Sunday

  49 degrees this morning 77% humidity

Excellent day again yesterday, a little cooler, but still an excellent day.  Sunny most of day, not real windy.  High of around 74 degrees.

Walk: 23:57 minutes, 39 seconds slower than goal.

Walk (cool down walk):  14:47  minutes 

Another weekend half over.  Good day yesterday, it just seems to go so fast. We are in   the area that has not “opened up” but supposedly it will start to “open up” May 1.  The Mayors are a little smarter and experienced (and probably poorer) than the governor. 

We’ll wait and see how to proceed, we have waited too long to get in a hurry and go out and get the virus through being stupid or reckless. 

Seemed to be more cars out today, of course it was a wonderful day.

We were surprised to be able to drive to Starbucks and drive through the drive-thru (only the drive thru’s are open) and waltz right through without any waiting!  Of course, when I’looked in back when I was picking up the order and there were four cars behind me!

Normally when we go through the Starbucks drive thru there are always about ten cars waiting.  

We decided to go to a nearby Lake we have never been too, keen though it is about 35 years old.  We got there, saw the “entrance fee” and the line of cars and decided to enjoy our back yard while we enjoyed our coffee!

One of the activities we enjoyed doing “back in the day”  before the virus was going to Starbucks, getting our coffee and then sitting in our “3rd Place” and reading or me watching my series or whatever I was watching at the time on lunch breaks.  It was fun,  and probably will be awhile before we can do it again.  

I’m gradually watching the new iPads, waiting to buy one.  Especially with the new keyboard and pencil, it could be very useful.

I have a hard time replacing something that works fine, and my almost 7 year old iPad works fine and does what I want it too, which is mainly watch my series and movies, and catch upon the news.  

I have  a problem replacing something that works just fine, at last until the new one has enough features to make it worth while.  

The new iPad has enough features to justify buying it now, although it will probably be awhile before I pull the trigger and buy one.

Of course, I am watching for a new pair of Airpods, but I’ve heard they are upgrading, so I am waiting.  My watch is just a “3,” but I am happy with It.  One thing I really hate is getting caught in the “Apple upgrade trap” where you buy something and within a short time they significantly upgrade it for the same or lower price.

Actually, trying to avoid the “Apple upgrade trap” has probably saved me a lot of money as I avoid buying something to wait and see if it will be upgraded!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 26, 2020.

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