2020 Spring April 27 Monday

5 degrees this morning  51% humidity, wind 17 mph 

Small chance of rain this morning

Yesterday was wonderful, started off coolish, reached high to 80 degrees with little wind.

Made a  “take more of  the  Christmas fudge run” to basically get out of the house, but still a chance to visit (at 6 feet or more) with different family members.  It was fun and a nice break.

We actually hadn’t been in the area I normal work when I “in the field’  since Friday, March 13.  Saturday was our last day at the gym (it closed Saturday night for whatever length it may take), Sunday was our last time to eat out inside a restaurant  (Sunday night all restaurants were closed except for take-out) and Monday morning I was advised to work only in the office.

Anyway, traffic was a lot lower and it was strange to see all the places (shopping areas, baseball field, etc) and realize that is where we normally be and now they are completely unused. 

I believe we will adjust to whatever “normal” is or will become. I just hope it doesn’t become a continuous hide and seek with the virus when “you’re it” is so serious.   

Walk today was nice, a time of day when it was a little cool, but I walked 23:35 minutes and my pace was 52 seconds slower than my goal.  So far I am happy with my pace, I’ll worry about speed in the future. 

My “cool down” walk was 15:08 minute

We did notice during our drive to the Lake Saturday that the city we live in is building a world class walking/bicycle trail to the Lake.  Probably it is something I will never ride or walk, but you never know. 

 It seems like I would be too long for me (it is probably 15 miles from our house to the lake), although I could set up a partial ride.

Continuing my listening  on my walk to the “Great Course” on  “Confucius, Bubba, Jesus and Mohammad”. 

The course is still on Confucius, although they compare and contrast, he mentions that Confucius is the only one of the four that concentrates on government and governing, many of his thoughts and teachings were on governing well.

One of his thoughts were that the governing officials should not be concerned with “money” , etc., but should only have the good of the people in mind.  

I think a lot of thinkers (I believe Plato , etc.) have stipulated that leaders in government should not be involved in business , etc., and only have the good of the people in mind.  

Basically they theorize that the government leader should make enough to be comfortable, but not so much or so little that they try to use the position to either gain money or power.  

Good idea, as proven by the present situation with someone who is only concerned about himself and what he gets out of everything.  His recent tweets show he has serious mental problems and is a unhinged danger to the nation and world. 

That’s it for now, Monday, April 27, 2020. 

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