2020 Spring April 28 Tuesday

68 degrees this morning, 72% humidity Wind 12 mph

Yesterday was extremely windy (23 mph), high of 82 degrees but still not really a good day due to the wind and air quality  

Weights this morning, sit ups, barbells and benchpress.  

No walk yesterday, just didn’t want to take a chance with the wind.  The air quality wasn’t really that bad, but I just figured why take a chance with everything else going on.

I have been wearing a face mask (actually made out of a bandanna), more to avoid allergens in the air as much as a virus.  So far it is working.

This state is supposed to “open up” in a lot of areas, especially on May 1.  I can’t imagine us doing much more than we’re doing now, until they have a better way of testing and more reason to feel it is actually safe to open up.

I hope it works, if we have to close down again, it will make it twice as bad.  I will be the first to say I am glad I was wrong.

I decided to start a  “virus beard,” at least today.  Tomorrow or next week I might look at it and shave it.  The last time I had a beard was in 1987 and I shaved my mustache in about 1992. I haven’t even thought about growing one since.  I think I just want to see what I looks like.  

A beard looks so horrible the first few days, I can avoid that.  Of course, I have noticed a new beard looks horrible on Zoom , etc., so I really don’t know how long I will keep it.

My “book weeding” scheme is proceeding.  So far I have “weeded” two books.  Not a lot, but two more than when I first started!  

We recently got a “robot vacuum cleaner”.  I realize they have been around for a long time but it is still new to us.  I carefully read the instruction book and it was really neat the way it works, as long as it keeps on working!  It is actually rather fun to watch it run around.  

I got the highest rated robot vacuum cleaner on Consumer Reports, which oddly enough was one of the lower priced ones, which works for me!

It isn’t wifi or Echo controlled , etc., but it gets around.  It does recharge itself which is kind of neat to watch!

I read that “robot deliveries” will be a big thing, especially due to the virus and more demand for delivery.  

I have to admit, I really wonder how one of those little robots could make it with food or  product  without getting mugged, or a drone make it without getting shot down, but….  Maybe they will have a “host” vehicle that would carry a bunch of them close where a group would go the final few blocks.  Probably something I don’t understand about how the robot delivery will work!

Had some kind of problem with Zoom tonight, didn’t get to participate in the Toastmasters meeting.  Not sure what was wrong, just one of those things I assume.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

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