2020 Spring April 29 Wednesday

55 degrees this morning  58% humidity

Yesterday was one of those menacing days when all day it seems like it is about to storm.  Actually here, it never really stormed, although storms were all around us.  (We aren’t complaining.)  

Actually I checked the storm shelter and the door was somewhat broken, although I got in ok.  Fortunately we didn’t need it.  

They had a picture of the damage a single hailstone did (went right through a car window, which is kind of scary.)

Walk 22:44 minutes 34 seconds slower than my goal 

Cool down walk:  14:52 minutes

Among the stranger things that seem “normal” now is working completely out of my home office instead  of going out in the field 3 days per week.  I have a whole new routine I have gotten used to, just like I had a routine when I went into the field  Neither was necessarily bad or good, it just is.

Also, we have developed an entire new routine since the “shelter in place” started.  Frankly, we aren’t going to change too much soon  just because some of the businesses are open.  

I haven’t heard yet when I might start returning to “field work”, I don’t think it will be for at least several weeks to a month. Hopefully they have learned that it isn’t efficient to go “in the field” so much.  I never understand why we had a requirement to spend a certain amount  of time “in the field” when our workloads were all different.   

My “virus beard” is still looking rather shaggy, as probably is my hair, although I have a “home barber” who does a good job of cleaning up my neck etc.  

Listening to my ‘Great Course” during my walk, “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad”  I was concerned it would be boring, but It actually is extremely interesting.

I hadn’t really realized that Confucius did not really discuss a “spiritual world”, but emphasize living a better life or at least the best you could live.  Three is no indication he even believed (or didn’t believe) in a spiritual after life, but he emphasize living life to the best of your ability.  

When his students asked about gods and spirits, he would advise them they needed to discuss human beings before they could understand gods and spirits.  

 When the student asks about death, Confucius   would say “You do not understand even life. How can you understand death?” “ In other words, we must begin with the things nearest to hand before we approach the things farther away. The ultimate reality is manifested through ordinary things; the higher is revealed through the lower.”

I don’t try to understand the finer details, but I do enjoy just picking up the basic aspects of his life and teachings.  

One  of the enjoyments of walking is listening to thoughts and concepts I’m not familiar with.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

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