2020 Spring May 1 Friday

64 degrees this morning 57% humidity,  wind 16 mph

Ended up being a wonderful day yesterday.  Started off cool, ended up reaching about 83 degrees. 

Walk 23:44 minutes, Pace 41 seconds slower than goal.  When I walked it was still a little chilly (65 degrees), but with no wind, it was nice.

Cool down walk:  14:35 minutes.

Another day, actually another week of the “new normal”  Haven’t driven the car since Sunday and tomorrow is Friday.  

Did a “teleconference” staff meeting today.  They are starting to seem like normal, as does working at home every day.  

They are starting to discuss the “new normal”.  Some restaurants are opening up, barber shops etc, and I think gradually places will open up until May 15, when almost anything can open, depending on the spread of the virus.  

They are starting to seriously discuss a gradual “return” to whatever normal will be at work.  Fortunately they are being very gradual and are soliciting ideas from the employees, which makes sense for safety reasons. 

Of course, with the substantial decline in revenues (sales tax , etc.) they are looking’s substantially reduced budgets, as are cities.

I really wasn’t all that surprised to hear the turtle head hack from Kentucky threaten the states with bankruptcy.  That is about the level of his competence and the smallness of his mind.    

He is more interested in getting more of his political paid off hack judges confirmed than he is about the country, the 60,000+ deaths from the virus or the highest unemployment since the great depression and the destruction of the economy.   All he can think about is getting incompetent hack judges confirmed.   

Of course, the lying coward lunatic is only concerned about how much money he can rip off and getting his boots licked by his incompetent appointees and trying to steal the election again than about the country.

If that sub-insect is allowed to steal the election again, it will probably ruin the country for generations.  

As someone said, 4 years is an aberration, but 8 years of this would have everyone thinking it is ordinary to have a criminal, childish insane lunatic as president with a bunch of incompetent cowering cowards running the federal government who are shoveling tax $ to their donors, lobbyists and themselves while they are kicking ordinary citizens in the teeth, destroying the environment and trying to find ways to rip off social security , etc.   

It will be interesting to see what happens the next several weeks with the “coming out,” , etc.  Hopefully there won’t be an increase in virus deaths.  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 1, 2020.


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