2020 Spring May 2 Saturday

70 degrees this morning, 64% humidity Wind  16 mph

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Yesterday was another windy and warm day..  Windy enough I decided to skip walking yesterday.  

At least the grass and trees are green and flowers are blooming.  I have a group of flowers right outside of my window that brighten up the day.

Some restaurants opened up today, don’t know how many customers they had. We will continue to use curb delivery, but not in the restaurant itself for a while. 

Today marks 5 years and 10 months since we moved here, and 5 years and 8 months since I started my current job.  How time does pass!  

Got a “letter”  (read, taxpayer paid campaign material) signed by the lying coward lunatic.  I was enraged that the IRS actually paid for the postage, materials , etc.  The lying coward lunatic ought to be made to pay every penny of the cost or be jailed for misuse of public property.  

It is noting but campaign material, made to look like the lying coward lunatic is responsible for the $1200 per person payment that future generations will be paying for..  If they had added the cost of this “campaign material” to the payment, it would have been a lot more responsible. 

It definitely is a crime, aided and abetted by the incompetent boot lickers he appoints and the cowering coward senators who let him commit his crimes.  

It is rather strange, I think when the first “Shelter in place” started around March 15, we all kind of thought it might be 30 days.  It has now been about 45 days and I think the “end” keeps extending and now we are probably looking at a much longer time frame than we originally thought and I really don’t even envision an “end”.  

As they say “the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train”.

While no one really knows for sure, I would believe the scientists a lot longer than I would the “witchdoctor” who keeps touting dangerous solutions  as he squeals out lies and petty vicious attacks and plays the blame game for his incompetence.  

The other day I real about some idiot who said the virus was “God’s way of thinning the herd,” not thinking that someone like that may be the first to be “thinned” since they obviously have a weak mind.  I find it a littler hard to believe anyone actually said that, although from what I am reading, it has bought out a lot of anti-old people discriminatory beliefs as well as discriminatory feelings about any vulnerable group of people  

Reminds me fo the “Madness of crowds” and how a kind of sickness prevails and  scapegoating  is so strong during period of stress.  Of course, it is made worse by the lying coward lunatic squealing out his hatred and support of evil scapegoating. 

Other than that, since I can’t do a lot about it, I won’t worry too much about it, just be safe and state my opinion.  

My “virus beard” is  becoming longer every day, still not to the point I have decided whether to keep it for a while or not.  I’m not really sure how it is going to look yet.

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 2, 2020.


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