2020 Spring May 3 Sunday

70 degrees this morning 89% humidity

Excellent day yesterday, high of 88 degrees, 16 mph wind, but it wasn’t really bad, no clouds and wind dropped to 8 mph in the late afternoon.

Walk today, 22:49 minutes, pace was 29 seconds slower than my goal.

Cool down walk:  15:18 minutes

Went out to pick up groceries (curb side) and noticed substantially more cars on the streets. Went by Starbucks, bought it home and “starbucks” on the back patio.  It was fun, not quite like the real thing, but it will probably be awhile.

A lot of the malls and restaurants opened (with high restrictionsI) and even the Farmers Market opened.  

We are going to keep our current routine for a while.

The fitness club we belong to is opening next week, but on a very limited basis, no swimming pool or towel service , etc.  We’re going to keep our membership suspended at least trough June 1.  

I doubt if much will change by June 1 (and it may even be worse with all the openings), but we’ll see what happens. A lot of restaurants and stores are staying closed for at least several weeks before they open , etc. 

We haven’t really decided when we are going to go shopping, not even thinking about  a schedule yet.

Probably the worst thing is not being able to be around people and other family members.

The book I’m listening to today is about the Buddha.  I have to admit, I didn’t know a lot about him and his philosophy and teachings.

I realize I have to keep things in perspective, but any admiration I may have had for him took a deep hit when I learned he grew up with a lot of wealth and privilege (actually born to a King and Queen). 

That was fine but then I learned he just left his wife of 13 years and child and took off to “find the truth” or whatever  Went out in the middle of the night, like a coward, didn’t even say “good by”  .  In my mind, that is unforgivable, regardless of his overall objective.  

At least it really makes me question anything he said or taught, although I haven’t really learned about his philosophy yet, except he is extremely selfish and inconsiderate. 

I realize there is a lot involved I may not know about, but I think someone’s actions speak a lot more than words and leaving a wife and child (even if you know they will be taken care of) really makes me wonder about this character and how he is qualified to give advice to anyone. 

Of course, I have learned that history isn’t always what it appears to be, so I’ll keep listening and will find out. 

At least Confucius taught about living a ethical life , etc., and actually tried to walk his talk so to speak.

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 3, 2020.

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