2020 Spring May 4 Monday

70 degrees this morning  93% humidity, wind 10 mph

Yesterday was good, a little cool, but nice.  High of 79 degrees, but about 69 when I took my walk. 

I was just remembering, when I lived near Memphis, the “vital statistics” of the weather , etc., also included the Mississippi River level.  For years I wrote it down as part of the weather data, even though I really didn’t know (and still don’t) exactly what it meant.  

I’m sure it had something to do with navigation and maybe It was just so much a part of the area that it was a tradition.

Actually, I just looked it up on the internet, and one reason is that the lower the level, the less freight the barges can carry, so they lose a substantial amount of money when the river is low.  

In my 14 years living in the Memphis area, I never lost my fascination with the Mississippi River.  I loved driving over the Mississippi River bridge and just seeing it. 

I also enjoyed reading about it. 

Actually every time I drove over it, I would think about Tom Sawyer (or maybe Huckleberry  Finn) floating on a raft down the Mississippi and think “no way”!  But I still fantasized about doing it.  

Walk 23:18 minutes , 54 seconds slower than my goal.

Cool down walk 15:13 minutes

It will be interesting to see what happens as the businesses start “opening up”.  Today we noted several restaurants which had inside dining. We still got “curbside dining” that we ate at home

Today the new “monthly assignments” come down, which means we will get a bunch of new assignments.  As I have noted before, there is a sense of “getting the mail” aspect of getting new assignments for the month.  

Of course, we are still handling everything by phone and e-mail which is a lot different from visiting them.  (I usually prefer the visits, but not now!) We were required to make one field visit on most assignments.  

Back to the Mississippi River, one of my  memories is some of the very short ‘cruises” on the Mississippi River we took.  The power of the river was always fascinating as was the changing aspect of the river.  

I met a “Riverboat Captain”: one time and was fascinated in my short talk with him about his life on the Mississippi River.  

I used to know how long it took to go from Memphis to New Orleans versus New Orleans to Memphis.  It was a major difference like 3 days to go down and 3 weeks to come back against the current, but oddly enough I couldn’t find it on the Internet  

I did find that a drop of water takes 90 days to go from the start of Mississippi to the end!

While I say it many times, I think it is good to mark the passage of time. May 4, 2020, somehow, in spite of the weirdness of 2020, the time has literally sped by.  Another Monday and soon it will be Friday as the week sped by, just like the weekend did.

I wonder if time goes as fast when you retire?

That’s it for now, Monday, May 4, 2020. 


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