2020 Spring May 5 Tuesday

59 degrees this morning, 73% humidity Wind 13 mph

Except for the wind, great day yesterday.  Actually reached a high of 101 degrees! 

Walk:  23:30 minutes, 1 minute 5 seconds slower than my goal.  I have found the wind definitely affects my pace.

Big storms again last night in the state.  For some reason there are a lot of hail storms this  year with huge hail stones. 

A few tornados also, but primarily  wind and hail storms.

Oddly enough, I don’t really “miss” many of the activities I thought of as “routine” before March 1 or so.  Doesn’t mean I won’t welcome them back, but I don’t necessarily sit around and think about something I am missing.  Actually, thank goodness for that! 

Not that I won’t be glad to return to some kind of “normal” activities, the sooner the better, but we’ve been kind of going with the flow.

Many businesses , etc., are opening up.  The Fittness center we go to opens up (on a limited basis) May 7, but they are “freezing” memberships (i.e.,no fees) until you actually check in.  That is good, since I’m sure it will be at  least June 1 before we go, or probably later. 

I really depends on the number of new infections etc  What would be the worst would be if everything had to shut down again due to the number of new cases.  

Approaching the end of watching “Longmire,” starting the 6th and last season.  I am watching the series a second time with my wife, and am enjoying it since I see a lot of things I miss, plus I pick up some of the subtle hints of things to come.  Not sure what grabbed me about the series.  

It was enjoyable watching some of the characters and relationships develop and substantially change through the series.  

It started as my “lunch hour” recreation 3 days a week, but I finished it a lot faster due to the change in work (and staying at home more) due to the virus.

Also starting watching something I had never watched before “Chicago PD”. (from the very beginning). It is really good and caught my interest.  It also has some really good acting and  again characters that develop and relationships that a develop and change over time.

The two series will be a memory of the “virus of 20”.  

I’m thinking about what  I will watch on my “lunch hour” show after I finish Longmire, probably the 6th season  of “Bosch”. 

My “virus beard” is coming along, although it’s not as far along as I expected.  I guess the lighter beard take longer to develop!  I will probably have more time to let it develop than I expected before everything “opens up”.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

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