2020 Spring May 6 Wednesday

52 degrees this morning  73% humid 

Yesterday was actually a relatively nice day, I thought it might be too cool for my walk, but it was fine, around 69 degree at the time. Wind wasn’t too bad, and I had an enjoyable walk.

Walk was 24:36 minutes, pace 54 seconds slower than my goal.  

The “seasonal change” has happened in our house as winter and to some degree spring has changed to an early summer look.  I have come to really enjoy the seasonal changes in our house.  It kind of provides a sense of the year passing, as the seasons change in our house.  Aliene provides all the creative energy for this and I enjoy living in the changing environment.  

Got a shock the other morning when I weighted myself.  The “virus life” and in the house a lot has definitely affected my weight.  In pre-virus days, it wasn’t unusual for me to walk quite a bit in addition to my regular walks , etc. 

Anyway, I probably have been eating a bit more since I am in the house all day.  I used to have a set amount of food when I was “in the field”.  

Need to get back to my full exercise program, I kind of slowed in the weights because of some muscle soreness and I’ll start again with lighter weights and more reps, which is better for me anyway.  

Looking at changing our security system  Looking at the “Nest” security system.  I have been researching it, it is like Google doesn’t really want you to buy it!  I finally found a lot of detailed information.

I’m not planning on installing it, but I do want to know what we need to have a good security system.

We are very pleased with our Nest thermostats , etc.

The good thing about the Nest products is there is no contact.  I really hate contracts, there is usually some hidden provision that requires you cancel a year in advance or it will renew for another there years , etc.  

The lying coward lunatic continues to disgust me more each day.  I got a questionnaire from his “supporters”.  The questions indicate they are as scummy as he is.  I wonder what rock they crawled from.  I guess they figure selling out their ethics for tax breaks, and other hateful actions that are destroying  the country are worth selling out their souls.   

I heard tonight the lunatic is trying to use federal funds to “punish” the state whose voters were smart enough not to vote for him.  The lunatic illegally used the Lincoln Memorial for political reasons when he had the fox comedy channel squeal out his hate and evil on their channel.  Of course, the cowering cowards stood by and let him do his illegal actions  

I always try to use “spell check” I write.   It always gigs me for capitalizing the seasons, but I feel the season deserve to capitalized!  Also it keeps pointed out the “sentence fragments’ which I hardly think is bad English any more.  If sentence fragments are bad English, I really don’t care.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

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