2020 Spring May 7 Thursday

59  degrees this morning, 63% humidity

Weights (sit-ups, barbells, bench press)

Yesterday was coolish, but a nice day. 

Walk 23:41 minutes, pace was 1 minute slower than goal

One of the sad realties about the world today is the lack of quality  local newspapers.  For the most part they have been taken over by companies who basically just use them to rip off as much as possible and then shut them down. Worse they don’t really care about local news and just use the newspaper to push their own priorities. 

The local newspaper here (a city of about 100,000) the newspaper of over 130 years just went out of business.  It was part of a chain that shut it down, and now has merged it with another suburb. I’ll cancel.  

Local (and even large) newspapers are on a fragile financial basis and they may have gone out anyway, but the “private equity” whose sole purpose is  immediate profit and then shut them down have after they have gutted the newspaper.  

I know “business is business” but it really hurts the communities.  Probably newspapers are dying anyway and I realize they had to change or die, and in many cases they didn’t change.

As I have probably noted before I have been a newspaper fan since I was in the 7th grade and really before that.  

In the 7th grade I’d always grab the newspaper (an afternoon one) and read the comics.  My Dad (I assume now he was kidding) said if I just read the newspaper for comics he may as well cancel it.  So I started ‘faking” reading it and develop a lifelong love for Newspapers.  

I’ve  always subscribed at least one newspaper and sometimes 3 daily newspapers and I actually read them!

Now I am debating cancelling all daily newspapers (mainly because I can’t stand supporting supporters of the lying coward lunatic) such as the Wall Street Journal.  I probably will continue subscribing to the Sunday New York Times, it is just too much fun to read.

I actually enjoy the on-line newspapers also, although as I have noted before, I don’t read on-line newspapers near as throughly as the regular newspapers.  

One thing about “Apple News” is I can “block” news sources.  Of course there is only one network I want to block and anytime I see the sick fox network, I block it and now I don’t get any fox junk. 

I don’t mind reading opposing opinions, but the fox junk network  it too much, strictly lies and cowering cowards licking the boots of the lying coward lunatic and trying to use their boot licking to rip off tax $.  One the toadies actually got the lunatic to send a lot of protective equipment to her favorite hospital rather than one that needed it.  Sick.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 7, 2020.

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