2020 Spring May 8 Friday

57 degrees this morning 93% humidity

Yesterday was a windy rather nasty day even though it wasn’t really that cool.  Didn’t rain, but seems like it was going too.

Skipped walk yesterday due to wind and chance for rain.  

Storms last night, not as bad here as expected (or I slept through it) and forecast for today and then it is supposed to be cold for several days.  I could do without that.

The state legislature here just made it more difficult for people to vote.  Passed in one day while usually they and the governor are too incompetent to do anything  

The state legislature is giving themselves  37% raises, while screwing persons on unemployment, state retirees and state employees.  They all should be voted out. I really don’t know how they get by with it, except it is always the “other ones” not the ones you vote for that are the rascals.  

Six years ago we were in the middle of our trip to China.  It lasted from around May 1 to May 18.  It was a great trip.  Each day was a new experience.  

I had hoped to go back to China someday, but it probably isn’t very likely now. However you never know.

Actually there are a lot of other places we would like to go also.  

One of the things I regret about not doing is going to a Confucius Temple.  There is still a lot of the country we hadn’t seen .

Oddly enough, we bought almost no souvenirs from China, except Aliene bought some scarfs back as gifts and we bought some Starbucks coffee cups for some friends, a “teddy bear” and a couple of dragons.  One problem was the weight requirements for luggage.  Aliene is a master at packing, I think the limit was 50 pounds per suitcase  and we had two suitcases at 49.5 pounds each!

Oh, I almost forgot, I took over 3,600 pictures that I still haven’t organized!  I start to 

organize them (by deleting some of them) and I have a hard time doing it.  

It was a good combination of a conference, self-travel and group travel.  

It is too bad about the virus, we were just getting to the point we had the time to travel some, and now there is absolutely no traveling, at least right now.  

I had a close relative catch it, which made it a lot more real for me.  Fortunately I think they are recovering, but it was still a horrible experience for them.

As time goes on, it seems as if  the virus is expanding in effects, as more and more effects are documented.  First it was “just” the lungs, now it is blood clotting, strokes, feet and numerous other “conditions” that are life threatening or at least severe  including a rare children’s disease.  

I don’t know what is wrong or right, I think we are taking a real chance in “opening’ the economy so fast.  I read an article today and forecast we “all” would get the virus eventually.  Actually, I don’t see how we can’t eventually all get it with the current behavior. 

We aren’t going to change our lifestyle for a while, wait and see. Hopefully there will be something good happen and the virus will b e controlled.  

Hopefully. At least today is Friday.  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 8, 2020.

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