2020 Spring May 9 Saturday

46 degrees this morning, 71% humidity

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press

An early Spring it yesterday, cool and windy.  The kind of days I will 

Be glad when they are over.  

Saturday is here, which is great.  Even though it appears like it will be  cold, windy day, it is the weekend!

Reading “Apple News” last night reading on different aspects of computers in some of the features of certain programs. I’d be the first to admit I probably use a small portion of the power of each program.  

As I have noted about Evernote, I have been trying to use it effectively for years.  Other than storing a lot of stuff and sporadically trying to use it more effectively, I really don t use much of it, but I like having it.

I make a run at ti (to try to be more effective with it), but I don’t keep it up.

I have always learned computer programs (or anything) a lot better if I actually do it, rather than just learn it in the abstract.  

I have been using Apple “Contacts”  for a while now, so when I read about how to use “contacts” more effectively.  I use it enough I can try several actions that I can make it more  effective.  

I’m not sure if the “groups” function is worth it for me  The search function on the “contacts” list is amazing, which really makes it worth while.  The “groups” function will be good if I want to make a list. (I have 2,545 contacts, I need to weed out some of the older, obsolete ones , etc.)

I”ve learned the little bit of time it takes to make an entry in it is well worth it.  Now I just have to learn to use it more effectively.

I have always wanted do  use the “Reminders” app better, still don’t use it effectively.I will use it for a while, but don’t really use it effectively, about like Evernote.

Anyway, I learned a few tidbits that may help me make it more effective.  

Looking at VPN’s.  Somehow I never have a lot of luck with VPN’s, either they are slow, or they have weird little things that hang them up and make them ineffective.  When I was in China I used it a lot and I also feel a lot more comfortable using it in hotels and public internet, if I ever do that again.  

Looked I detail at the “photo’s’ app, which I really want to learn to use better.  I learned a few things.

What seems to work as well as anything is look at the internet and find exactly what I want to do.  In most cases that works.  I realized that when I used to go to the Apple Store and they would look up the answers on Google!

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 9, 2020.


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