2020 Spring May 10 Sunday

56 degrees this morning 75% humidity

A lot better day than I expected yesterday, a little cool, but a wonderful day, primarily because no wind.

Walk:  23:58 minutes, pace 1:12 seconds slower than goal.  At some point, I may consider changing my goal up at little s I can meet it occasionally!  Not really, if I never meet my goal, it is still nice to have a goal.

I just decided at least for right now, I’m not going to push it, I’ll just walk at a comfortable pace and the speed will come. 

Cool-down walk:  15;48 minutes 

One of the really sad realities of the ‘new normal’ is the need for “drive-by” birthday parties for small children.  2nd one yesterday. They take it well and seem to enjoy it, but it really isn’t the same.  

Ditto with graduations, jobs , etc. 

While the lunatic lies and plays his scum evil political games, the virus was  allowed to get out of control even more when  it could have been better controlled at the first and probably we would have been back to somewhat of a “normal” now.  

What I am thinking is why is any President, much less a criminal lying lunatic, allowed so much power.  Spending 2 BILLION dollars on painting an obscene wall that will cost billions more than estimated and billions to demolish when the lunatic is run out of office? 

Allowed to impose tariffs that have destroyed businesses, send needed health equipment overseas with no ok or even oversight from congress? Allow this criminal  political hack to decide who gets the first (maybe) medical help for the virus?  

Why give anyone this much power?  Of course  I feel the turtlehead hack, and  the cowering cowards in the Senate need to be held accountable also for allowing this insane idiot to run the country and world into the ground as he throws trillions of tax $ away on his donors, lobbyist and his “buddies” who kiss his boots and cower before him. Sick.

I think I am starting to feel the effects of the continued lack of exercise , etc.  While I try to walk every day (when weather allows), it’s not near the same as when we got a lot of exercise just from walking during work, shopping , etc.  

I read today where “Air Pods” were considered successful due to the two younger generations.  Actually, I had a pair of Air Pods  I bought early and when I went to the Apple Store, several of the Associates hadn’t seen them yet and crowded around to look a them! 

I”m normally not an ‘early adopter, since there are just too many problems with many early products (of any company).   I haven’t been sorry I bought the Air Pods and I have had them over 4 years.  I just checked on Google, and the Airpods came out December 13, 2016, and I had a pair before Christmas.  During the work day I wear and use them all the time and also when I watch my “lunch hour” movies or series.  

I am hoping these will last until the new upgrade to the “Air Pod Pro” is out!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 10, 2020.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers reading this!  

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