2020 Spring May 12 Tuesday

 47% degrees this morning, 91% humidity Wind  10 mph

Weights yesterday  morning (sit-ups, barbells & bench press)

Yesterday was about a high of 58 degrees and relatively windy, so not a good day weather wise.  However, I was able to walk, a little bundled up, but it wasn’t bad.  

Walked 24:50 minutes, pace was 1:15 slower than my goal.  I wasn’t surprised. When I walk in the cold all bundled up,  I take my time and don’t worry about the pace, although I like to keep it respectable!  

Gave a short speech on Confucius tonight at the Toastmasters meeting.  First speech I have ever given on a teleconference.  Also the first about Confucius for that matter!  

I liked researching since I learn a lot when I give a speech.  

The next several weeks will be key about the pandemic as states and cities “open up”. Hopefully it will be successful and not just create a second larger pandemic that will really shut things down.  

It has been interesting (as well as a little scary) to see the different reactions to either “opening up” or “remaining”.  

My “virus beard” is coming along nicely.  I’m not quite ready, but probably will take a “profile picture” of my virus beard soon. 

Thinking of how different life would be now rather than what it is, I am amazed at how different it would be.  This is from something no one foresee even really 6 months ago.

Obviously, the lunatic let his egotism get ahold of him and ended up making it a lot worse because he was too incompetent and has just cowering cowards around him now that will only kowtow to him and won’t offer differing advice.  

He showed his true cowardice today when he couldn’t face some reporters who pointed out his dysfunctional thinking and actions and that his comments were just flat stupid and demonstrated his ignorance.  

All he could do was walk off the stage cowering in terror.  Of course, he will laz around in bed eating junk food and watching scummy liars on tv and then bravely “tweet” his juvenile, evil hate filled threats, when no one can confront him about his scummy low-class cowardly behavior. 

Worked on my pictures some, (all 48,000+) and started deleting duplicates, pictures that aren’t worth keeping , etc.  It is easy right now, I expect it will be more difficult as I continue to delete pictures to bring them down to a workable number.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 12, 2020.


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