2020 Spring May 14 Thursday

 69 degrees this morning, 62% humidity Wind 30 mph

The “30 mph” Is correct!  Rained some overnight.  

Walk:  25:20 minutes, pace was 1:10 slower than my goal

Another “day of gray,”  yesterday although it warmed up some as the day went on, to a high of 74 degrees.

Actually in my poem “My Day of Gray,” I had “blue buffalo scattered on the green grass” that brightened up my “Day of Gray”.   Unfortunately no blue buffalo here although there are a few flowers and the grass is greening up. 

How I ever came to write poetry is strange in itself since I didn’t really read poetry.  Several years before that I enrolled in a weekly evening  poetry course just to have something different to do.  It probably lasted about 6 weeks.

Somehow I took a regular poetry class at a college several years later.   It was a very tough, but a wonderful course. 

The Instructor said there “was no such thing as a bad poem”.  I think she probably didn’t mean that literally, but she did mean that there is some good in any poem if someone wrote it.

That was the end of my poetry career, such as it was, although I still like to read my “chapbook” of the poems I  wrote in the course.  I did develop an appreciation for all poetry writers.

Actually a few years later, I was involved in a group of fiction writers.  I also developed an appreciation for fiction writers. 

As I have mentioned, I have always loved writing, it has a flow to it, almost like music, or maybe a river flowing.  However, it doesn’t flow like that for fiction or for poetry writing!

Actually I started to really like writing in high school when I worked on the high school newspaper and learned the 5 W’s and H and learned the basics of news writing.  

Back to the present, we are beginning to realize that the “Staying in place” or whatever you call it may be a lot longer than we expected when it started.  I read that several colleges have already decided to go to “on line’ courses fro next Fall and not have students attending classes.

Talk about a major change of life, of course that means no sports, no events , etc.  Maybe there is an end to it, but who knows what it will be.  

Probably the worst of it is the inability to interact with family members , etc., outside of your household.  When the slightest mistake can result in possible death, or at least a lot of pain, it makes you careful.  Even more careful because we don’t want to pass it on to someone else because we should be contagious and not realize it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 14, 2020.

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