2020 Spring May 15 Friday

74 degrees this morning 82% humidity Wind 14 mph

Yesterday was overall a nice day, high of 85 degrees, although it was very windy.  Still better than a “cold windy day”.

Supposed to rain today, 50 to 70% all day

Walk 24:08 minutes, pace 17 seconds slower than goal. What a difference walking in warm weather in shorts and a t-shirt make!

Cool down walk was 15:48 minutes.

Listening to my “original ipod” today because I forgot to charge up my “listening” phone, a repurposed i-phone 5+.   For some reason I use my wife’s ex-cell phone with the Kate Spade case (which I love) for my walks and we use my repurposed i-phone 5 for our listening to our books in the car.

Both of them work fine.  I think it was because I switched to my iPhone 6 while my wife still had the 5+, and then she jumped to an i-phone  7 about 4 years ago.  (actually September of 2016). 

We were in Kansas City for a conference and we found the last iPhone 7 exactly like she wanted at Crown Center  Apple store in Kansas City and grabbed it.  (They were scarce at the time.)

It is also where I fell for the Apply watch with the “Milanese loop”.  I actually ordered it at home after I bought about it for about 2 seconds.  (They didn’t have my size in Kansas City.)

Anyway today I had my original iPod on “shuffle”. 

Actually had an surprise while I was walking, I was listening to  the music on “shuffle” and suddenly a stirring edition of “Let Freedom Ring” was on.  For a moment, I forgot about the virus, about the lying  clown we have as a “president” and his crowd of cowering coward dunces , etc., as the music soared.  

May 15, it was exactly 60 days ago that we had our last “free day,” our last regular  breakfast in a restaurant.  The day before they closed the Fittness club and the next morning, I got an e-mail advising me to work only in my office at home.  

I don’t think anyone at the time thought it would be this long, or at least at this point we realistically would still be looking at an extended period of “Sheltering in place” if we don’t want to get the virus.  (Hopefully the “opening up” won’t cause a spike and another shutdown, but….  We’ll see. 

The “Virus beard” is coming along.  Of course, since I don’t go into businesses (or now I will always have a mask), no one will see it, although I am really growing it just for me.   Not saying I’ll cut it when the virus threat is over, can’t say I won’t.  

We aren’t going to take any chances now, no matter how “open” it gets, until we feel comfortable.  I have seen too many cases where one simply lapse was actually fatal.  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 15, 2020.

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