2020 Spring May 16 Saturday

 60 degrees this morning,92% humidity

Weights, sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Yesterday was another strange day.  74 degrees most of the day, although it was cloudy and seemed like rain all day, but never actually rained

When I walked, I took a different route so I would be close to home if it started raining before it ruined my iPod, although I expect I could have covered it enough until I got home. 

Walk 26:32 minutes, pace 51 seconds slower tan my goal.  It was a nice walk at 75 degrees or so.

After work, the temperature dropped from 74 to 63 within about an hour.  

The “opening up” schedule was sent out today at work.  Of course it is flexible.  It appears to be reasonable with provision for safety PPE , etc.  Not that I expected any different, they have always been good about safety.

The time table basically has me going back about July 1, which right now appears to be reasonable, depending on the circumstances at the time.  

Some of the other “opening” scenes I have seen make me wonder, but I guess  everyone has their way of reacting to things. 

It was exactly 2 months today (March 16) that I got an e-mail instructing me to stay in the office.  

We’re going to be continuing the “curb eating,” (i.e., picking up the food at the curb and eat it at home) for a while.

We actually didn’t drive either car since Sunday.  I hope that never seems “normal”!  Right now it is fine, I just don’t want that to be the “new normal”.  

It that’t the way it is, fine, but I hope it isn’t.  

One good thing is the public libraries in the county are opening up and will provide ‘curbside” service in picking up books.  Since we get most of our books mostly through “holding,” it works well for us.  We can simply order our books through the computer and have them delivered. 

One thing I really like about this area is the wonderful library system.  Of course, I have always loved libraries.  We would stop by when we were kids and check out the maximum number of books.

Libraries have evolved through the years, and even now people without their own computer, I suggest they use the Library computer.  I like the way most libraries have evolved to be a resource for the community in any area. 

The library system here is fortunate to have their own source of funding, which means they are affected by the political winds  .Especially these political winds.

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 16, 2020.

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