2020 Spring May 17 Sunday

62 degrees this morning  93% humidity

Yesterday was cloudy, some rain (light only) and reasonably cool 63-67 degrees, but no wind.  

I looked at the temperature and dressed way too warm for my walk, which was ok, since I dressed much cooler for the rest of the day! 

Walk, 22:36 minutes, 37 seconds slower than my goal.  65 degrees and no wind is a lot warmer than 65 degrees at a 13 mph wind or so!

Got two deliveries of groceries Friday, picked up one yesterday and will pick up one more today.  Grocery shopping has changed!  But that is about all we will need for several weeks.  When you order for “contactless pickup” or “delivery”, you don’t order just one or two items!

This morning I ordered some books from the Library.  The branch I use has been closed for remodeling since early January , so it has been a long time since I have used the library. (The Library system was closed in mid-March and just “opened”, at least for “curbside” delivery of books.)

While I could have used other branches, it was just too much of a hassle.

I always like to look through the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal and order some of the books I read reviews of from the Library.   

Probably the only reason I keep subscribing to the Wall Street Journal (at least the delivery version) is I really like the Saturday edition and I probably wouldn’t read the on-line version that throughly.  

While the Wall Street Journal is a great paper, I don’t like supporting their editorial page, which is just lying coward lunatic  trump sucking junk lies and it is starting to affect their stories.  I have heard some of the better reporters, like the scum trump does, are fired because they are too good at their job and report the truth.

Anyway, I always see a couple of book reviews of books that I want to read, or at last look at the book, but I don’t want to pay for it, since I don’t know if I’ll really be interested.  

Today they had what looked like a really good book on Lincoln, which the library system actually had! I also ordered several other books that look good.   

If I like them it Is great, if I don’t I just return them.  If I bought one, I’d feel like I had to finish them! Also, if I really like one, I can always buy it.

Difficult to realize it is May 17.  The time this year has really sped by, partially, I feel, due to the fact there is no way of “marking” the year, all the usual rituals, dates, events etc. just aren’t there this year.  

We try some to mark birthdays and other events, but there are just too many things that aren’t occurring this year, so it is kind of like living in a fast forward vacuum tube.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 17, 2020.

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