2020 Spring May 18 Monday

56 degrees this morning 88% humidity

Yesterday was a wonderful day, high of around 81 degrees, sunny, very little wind.  One of those wonderful Spring days 

Spent part of the afternoon after the walk finishing up some work we were doing in the yard.

Due to my extensive gardening experience when I was a kid, I do not garden, plant flowers or do any work in the yard I don’t have to do.

When I was a kid we had literally acres of gardens, and I always swore I’d never had have a garden again.  I kept my promise  I’ll do what I have to in the yard, but I find noting relaxing or entertaining about it.  I may feel some satisfaction in achieving a project but that is it. 

I never really minded mowing, although I am allergic to grass and when I first started I always teared up and almost couldn’t see to mow.  After I had started for a while, it settled down. 

Walk 24:30 minutes, pace 46 seconds slower than goal.

Cool down walk:  15:45 minutes

The little robot vacuum cleaner was active at it last night again.  It is a very basic robot vacuum cleaner but it is still amazing.  I just looked at Consumer Reports and bought the highest rated and cheapest one, which happened to be the same unit!  That is great when that happens.  

Finished up a typical “normal weekend.  Had groceries delivered from two places Friday, ate “curbside pickup” supper Friday night, Picked up one “no contact” grocery pickup  Saturday, delivered one plant to a relative (who was sick) in a “no contact yard/driveway visit,”  than “curbside pickup” breakfast  Sunday morning and one “no contact” grocery pickup Sunday morning. 

Of course the “meal pickups,” we ate at home.  I can’t stand to eat in the car, except when I am “in the field” on my job 

I would have really thought that as strange just a few months ago. Now it is relatively “normal”. 

Monday, of another week.  It will be a little different since I have a several routine medical appointments this week  and this weekend is a 3 day weekend, which will be nice.  This will be the first “in person” medical appointment since January and will be the first time I have been in a building other than home in over 60 days 

Virus beard is coming right along.  May need to take a picture of it soon! 

That’s it for now, Monday, May 18, 2020.

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