2020 Spring May 19 Tuesday

2020 Spring May 19 Tuesday

61 degrees this morning, 81% humidity 

Weights yesterday  morning (sit-ups, barbells & bench press)

Yesterday was a wonderful day again, high around 84 degrees, sunny, no wind.  We need more like them.

My daughters birthday is today.  I won’t say how old she is, but she is at an age where I can remember what I was like at her age!  Time really flies when you see how children grow.  

Walk today was 24:08 minutes, pace was 27 seconds slower than my goal.  One of these days I will suddenly zip past my goal without me even realizing it until I actually exceed my goal.  

Somehow that is how goals are achieved.  Of course, then the problem is how to maintain the goal, which is the toughest part of it. 

Tomorrow, for the first time in 63 days, I’ll be in a building other than my home.  I have a medical appointment.  I have been instructed to “come alone” and to wear a mask the entire time, which is ok with me.  Probably makes it a lot safer for everyone.  

Listened to a “podcast” during my walk (somehow it slipped in with my music) about involving youth in city planning , etc.,  especially since they will be the ones living in it.  I always thought that was a good idea, but it is still a matter of the procedures for involving  them and how you do it.

Isn’t easy for any group. It is difficult for people to take the time from their personal and professional lives to be involved in local government, important as it is.  

The second part of the podcast was about tourism and how cities should plan “responsible tourism”.

Both are easy to say it is a good idea, but hard to actually implement it, like many projects. 

I had where bicycles are now actually in short supply, selling  at the rate of  double or triple the normal amount of bikes sold.  Apparently people are buying bikes both for exercise as well as a way to avoid public transportation.  

Fortunately, I have enough  bikes that I won’t be needing one in the near future.  Of course, first, I need to get back into riding on a regular basis after I stopped during my coughing spell a few months ago.  Walking has been fine thus far without any coughing, but I like to keep it that way.

I still having given up on my “ride with the Summer” plans.  Doesn’t mean I’ll ever do it, but it is nice to plan.

Maybe the increase in bikes will lead to better bicycle paths etc.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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