2020 Spring May 20 Wednesday

 56 degrees this morning 85% humidity 

Another wonderful day yesterday, a little cloudy and cool, high of 80 degrees. Still a wonderful day.

First day in 65 days I’ve worn anything but shorts, scandals, t-shirts or sweat pants or walking shoes.  I did note my “virus pounds” when I put the clothes on!  As I noted yesterday, I had a medical test this morning.  Fortunately they didn’t weigh me.  

Walk today was 22:38 minutes, pace was 53 seconds slower than my goal.  I’ll keep trying, but I”m not worried about pace right now.

Cool down walk was 15:52 minutes.  (My “cool down” walk is when I walk with Aliene after my main walk, which I enjoy.)

I am just astounded that the lying coward lunatic is getting away with stealing billions of dollars, giving a billion $ contract to a big donor who licks his boots and “donates”  to get the “wall” contract to build a junky super expensive wall.  

Of course, he’ll do such a crappy job that it will be easier to demolish in a year or so.  I don’t understand how this lunatic clown can made the decision on his own to put some kind of expensive black paint on the wall at the cost of $2 million dollars per mile just because he gets some crazy idea in his demented mind.  Even the experts question it  

Also, allowing this criminal to give a new company a $800 million dollar contact is really criminally insane and the cowering cowards just let him to continue stealing tax $.  

Now he is spending literally billions more on farmers trying to buy votes.  

What I really wonder is why does ANY President have this authority?   Obviously this criminal clown provides the rationale fo not allowing such impulsive actions that only benefit the clown and his donors. 

I happened to read the story about the lying coward lunatic starting  up his new  personal company and then giving it an 800 MILLION $ contract do and right before my medical appointment and I was scared it would raise my blood pressure, but I don’t know what it actually turned out to be.  

Fortunately the contact can be canceled right after the lunatic loses in November  

It has been interesting to see how people react to the “opening up”.  There are people in gloves and masks and people with no protection.  Went in for my test, most people were wearing masks (and they took my temperature before I went in), but some people still weren’t wearing masks.

I wore a mask and used sanitizer (or washed my hands) every chance we had!

We stopped by for a “curb delivery meal” and noted that everyone on the patio didn’t have a mask , etc., and weren’t really keeping the “social space” although all the servers had masks and many wore gloves. 

I guess everyone takes different views of the dangers involved. Probably most won’t get it no matter what, but I want to even avoid the smallest chance!

Thinking about buying a water proof Kindle.  Might seem kind of strange with the iPads etc we have, but I’d like something that is water proof and I like the “white print” concept.  I really like the idea of being able to read while I in the bathtub without having to worry about ruining the book or destroying an expensive device. Of course, I wouldn’t even try to read my iPad or Kindle Fire in the bathtub.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

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