2020 Spring May 21 Thursday

64 degrees this morning, 74% humidity, wind 11 mph

Another wonderful day yesterday, high of around 81 degrees.  Little wind until later in the day, some clouds.  Supposed to have at least 70% chances of rain today.

Walk;  21;36 minutes, pace was 52 seconds slower than my goal.

One unfortunate consequence of the pandemic (and the vile lying coward lunatic  scum we have as a “president”) is it really has bought out some of the latent (and not so latent) ageism, racism etc. and any scapegoating of different segments of our society. 

Of course, I have been well aware of the ageism for some time now, although it was somewhat of a shock when I realized I was a “victim” of it and it was commonplace.  Since if they are lucky, everyone will become “elderly”, it seems in their self interest to eliminate ageism, but I expect everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, or it just seems so far off.  (It isn’t).

Ageism has been a word only since 1969, which might say something in itself.  The comments about “God’s way of thinning the herd” etc. are blatant examples of scapegoating, discrimination against vulnerable groups.   Of course, when they said it they didn’t think that “thinning the herd” may be regarding the people who don’t make some attempt to protect against the virus or they may be one of the “thinned herd”.    

I read that some Asians etc, even the Doctors and Nurses are encountering some scapegoating activities, primarily due to the scum “president” and his targeting China as scapegoats for his failure and incompetence  and the cowering cowards who let him get by with it or even encourage it. 

The few people I know  who had the virus, it is absolutely horrible, depending on how bad you have it.  (This is if you don’t die from it).

So many people believe in the “silver bullet” or some magic vaccine is going to be invented before they get it.  Me, I’m just not taking any chances.

We watched a “Frontline” about the pandemic in Italy and it is really gave what I assume is a realistic picture of it. 

Still dithering about the type of security system we want, either up upgrade of the “old style” we have now or a Nest system.  Both of them have advantages. 

I was leaning towards the Nest, but now that they are staring  two-factor authentication, where they e-mail or text you a code.  Frankly, I don’t wan to have o hassle with an e-mail  to look up my code while someone is breaking into the house!  

I realize there is good reason to go with that in some instances, but I think some places are overdoing it to make up for their own lack of security features.

Still debating the KIndle.  Besides the obvious factor of being waterproof, I also like the idea of having a “button” to push on the kindle to change the page.  

While it normally works ok on the iPod etc, sometimes it is hard to turn the page or otherwise navigate through the book.  Even an arrow like the on-line newspapers would help.

Only two more workdays until the 3 day weekend!

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 21, 2020.


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