2020 Spring May 22 Friday

73 degrees this morning 90% humidity Wind  15  mph

Weights (yesterday morning) sit-ups, barbells, benchpress

Wonderful day yesterday, except that it kept looking like rain (actually a 70% chance most of the day), but the 30% chance prevailed)!  Not like a clear sunny day, but a lot better than rain.  

Looks like, at least early this morning, the rain and thunderstorms will come today. Probably start right when I have to drive to my Doctor appointment! 

Walk:  24:25 minutes 4 seconds (yes 4)! slower than my goal.  Almost made my goal, and I can pick the times I probably wasted 6 to 8 seconds!  I actually felt like I was moving fast, although I don’t really think about it much while I was walking.

What is strange is that I always seem to walk my fastest when I walk the longest.  Maybe some sort of situation  where I feel good so I walk faster and longer.

Today had a “teleconference” about transitioning back to a from of normal work (i.e., outside the office)  Still a lot of details to be worked out, as you would expect. I won’t be going back in the field until at least July 1, and even then we will probably have a lot less field time since they realized, on some things, we are more productive and efficient on the phone in many situations.  

One month to go before Summer starts.  Actually the last month of Spring is my most enjoyable month of “Summer” in a lot of ways.  I love the long evenings and the long days of daylight.  

Also, I love the anticipation of building up to the first day of Summer, especially when I feel a little disappointment when the days start getting shorter again, even though “Summer” as such will last another 3 months and the hottest days that I enjoy are still coming.  

I really always look forward to the long sunsets, although I usually end up not seeing many, due to trees , etc. 

Not sure what I will think of this year when it starts to cool and October and November come but it will be different than most years.  

By this time most years, we would have been to a few AAA baseball games and watched a lot more MLB games on tv along with a lot of other activities.  

Finished watching Longmire (a great series) and trying to find another one.  I have been lucky in the past.  I didn’t want to zip through “Bosch” too fast, since it is only one season so I was trying to find another series.

I was stunned to start one promising series that had a “laugh track”!  I watched as far as the second laugh track and shut it off.  I couldn’t stand to watch a show with a laugh track now!  I didn’t even know they still made them with laugh tracks.

Today is Friday!  Before a 3 day weekend yet!  

Also have my annual “wellness visit” this morning, Already did the lab tests, so at least that is over.  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 22, 2020. 

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