2020 Spring May 23 Saturday

72  degrees this morning,90% humidity

Early rain yesterday, heavy wind during the night.  73 degrees when I got up, 57 degrees early morning.  However, it actually turned out to be a wonderful day in spite of the start!

Walk: 22:51 minutes.  Pace 21 seconds slower than goal. 

Start of a 3 day weekend.  While Memorial Day isn’t my favorite 3 day weekend, I like it since it is the start of Summer and other reasons.

An interesting fact, this is as early as any Memorial Day can ever be, as least based on the current structure for Memorial Day.

I remember Memorial Day because when I was a kid (and we lived close) we would go to the Soldier Cemetery in Soldier Kansas where a lot of our relatives are.  The community maintains the Cemetery, a wonderful community center where they serve meals on Memorial Day (and funerals , etc.) and a really nice playground.

I have never seen a small community do so much.  Anyway, that was a major trip for us when I was a kid and I always think of that on Memorial Day.  

For some reason, I remember on one trip my Dad saying it cost .10 per mile to drive a car, and I thought I would never be able to afford .10 per mile!  I can even remember where we were driving when he said it.  It must have made a major impression on me!

The last time I was there they still maintained everything so well in spite of it being such a small community.  

Also, for years, I listened to the “Indianapolis 500” on Memorial Day.  A big event n my life was when I went to Denver for a summer job and went to a live showing of the Indianapolis 500.  That was before they had it on tv of course. 

Of course Memorial Day used to be the last day of school, so it meant the Summer was starting. I actually missed School during the Summer.  

I had a lot of experiences in Denver, most good, and amazing for a kid who grew up in small towns and was now in a large city on his own for the first time.  

Actually, I don’t even normally watch Indianapolis 500 anymore, although I tape it and sometimes kind of watch it.  

Over the years, I became a fan of Formula 1 and not so much other types of auto racing  I don’t dislike them, I just don’t have time to watch them.  

Another thing I like about Memorial Day is that I just like Holidays.  

I’m not sure how I well feel about holidays when I retire, when every day is more or less a holiday!  Of course I plan on keeping on working when I retire, but not a regular job. I am still thinking what I may do when I retire. 

I hope the “opening up” is successful, but it seems like it is going to start another virus outbreak. I can’t do anything about it except continue to protect ourselves like the virus is still out there and waiting for us which it is.  We will act like it until we’re comfortable with going out without feeling like we might catch the virus.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 23, 2020.  

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