2020 Spring May 24 Sunday

 65 degrees this morning  87% humidity

Always nice to wake up on Sunday morning and realize it is just like a normal Saturday morning and I have another day off!  

Another wonderful day overall yesterday.  Seemed a little like rain all day but ended up bang sunny and nice.  Surprising, a second day of 70% change of rain where it didn’t rain.  Highest percentage change today is 20%, so it all pro ball rain!

It did rain during the night, some thunderstorms.  

Walk  24:20 minutes, 34 seconds slower than goal.

Cool-down walk:  14:37 minutes   

Friday  morning at my Doctor appointment, I was shocked at how many “virus pounds” I had accumulated, plus an indication I was eating too much sugar , etc.  Of course, that wasn’t really a surprise.

So, Saturday morning, I fired up “My Fitness Pal” and will try to keep track of my eating, exercise, pounds and even a picture of myself of the appropriate places I need to lose weight.  

I plan on making it a priority to keep track on “My Fittness Pal.  I decided I will keep all the food I have but I will slow down my eating so any “bad” food I have will be spread out over time and I’ll simply not repurchase some of the high sugar, high carb items.

I won’t go into detail, but I know very well what I am eating that I shouldn’t be eating! Eventually I want to get to a low-carb routine.  I have found a low-carb eating pattern works best for me, although I don’t go to extremes on the “low carb,” I just try to make sure I use moderation.  

At least I have a follow-up appointment, which provides some incentive!

Read today about “proper breathing” technique and how breathing through your nose can made a huge difference in your health.  What I read said to take least five-seconds bring in your nose and then at exhale through your nose for at least six-seconds or as long as you can exhale.

I had known when I walk I should inhale through my nose but didn’t exhale through my nose.  I’m not even sure if that is possible when I’m walking fast, running or riding my bike.

Paying some bills this morning through my bank account, was rather shocked to realized hat June 2020 is just a week away!  Somehow, it just doesn’t seem like it should be June yet.  

One of the cars that normally is serviced 5,000 miles now is facing having the 6 months services without the 5,000, the first time that has happened since we purchased the car.  It is the one I use for work, and since I have been restricted to the office, I don’t put on the  weekly average  of 150-200 miles.  Also, we don’t go out to eat, go shopping, go to baseball games, visit people and all the other activities we usually do. As I have noted, frequently we don’t even drive the cars during the week and very little on weekends.   

I feel a little uneasy about taking the car in for servicing, but I assume by now they are following good cleaning procedures etc. and I’ll do the same 

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 24, 2020.





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