2020 Spring May 25 Monday

66  degrees this morning 85% humidity Wind 11 mph

Weights, sit-ups, bar bells, bench press yesterday morning 

Weight watch, lost 5 pounds  from top (this morning).  Although I realize it is easy to shed weight the first few days, it still feels good.

I am trying to use the “My Fittness Pal” to keep track of what I eat, exercise , etc.  There is even a provision to take a picture of myself to track my visual progress!  

Started off with rain yesterday morning, turned into a nice, but windy day, high of around 85 degrees 

Strange there was 70’% chance of  raining Saturday and it didn’t rain, Sunday was a 20% chance and it rained Sunday morning.  

Walk:  23:35 minutes, 3 seconds slower than goal!  I’ll get there soon, hopefully.  

Cooldown walk:  15:16 minutes 

Really pleased with my “walk pace” today, only 3 seconds off my goal.  The best I’ve done since last Fall.  I think the longer stride and breathing through my nose all help.  Of course, it is hard to beat walking in warm weather in shorts and short-sleeve shirt.  

Memorial Day Holiday, I will enjoy the holiday today! 

Yesterday I didn’t get my “physical” Wall Street Journal.  As a result, I read it the on-line edition and found it wasn’t so bad, in fact I enjoyed it.  Each newspaper has their own on-line format.  

Not only will I save money on “on-line” only, but I also avoid having to recycle all the newspapers.

Also, it is a security problem, since the newspapers are delivered so late that sometimes they sit on the lawn until we get back.  It doesn’t make any sense to continue the physical delivery of the newspapers.  

Of course, the recycling is also getting to have problems, since the market for recycling is so low.  We still have twice as much recycling as we do trash.

Watching all of the actions on  the “opening up” of businesses.  In a way I can understand how people feel who are so eager to “get back to normal” they are willing to take a chance on getting a deadly contagious virus.  

While we would like to get back to “normal,” somehow psychologically we have realized we can’t participate in our “normal” activities, we aren’t eager to take a chance on getting the virus just so we can resume “normal” activities.  At least at this point we aren’t willing to take any chances on getting the virus, regardless of what activities we miss.  

At least right now, we have somehow reached a level that our current life is ok, at least for right now.  I know we don’t have any desire to take any chance on getting the virus after we have basically put our lives on hold fo almost 75 days!  What’s another 15, 30 or even 75 days compared with getting a virus that would likely make us very sick and even be fatal?  

I may not be explaining well how I feel, but I know what I feels.

That’s it for now, Monday, May 25, 2020.








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