2020 Spring May 26 Tuesday

60 degrees this morning, 91% humidity 

Weights yesterday  morning (sit-ups, barbells & bench press)

Yesterday was gloomy with clouds and rain starting mid-afternoon. At least it was a slow rain, with very little wind and thunder.

Walk yesterday, 22:42 minutes, pace was 54 seconds slower than goal.  Disappointed in my pace, but I realize the pace will vary widely.

Start of a 4-day work week, trying to remember that today is Tuesday and not Monday!  Usually it takes a while.

Spent a relatively quiet 3 day weekend, “Sheltering in place”.  Enjoyed it, and didn’t worry about activities we can’t do because it just isn’t possible right now.  

I decided I’ll just enjoy doing what I can do, and not worry about what I can’t do. As I mentioned yesterday, we just are going to do everything possible to avoid the virus.  Hopefully the chances of catching the virus will be over soon.  

The  lying coward lunatic criminal scum needs to be corralled and his excesses stopped.  It is insane that the senator cowering cowards allow this criminal behavior to continue.  The lunatic has lost all sense of what little decency or honesty he had in the first place. 

He is allow to chronically lie, threaten states with lost of federal aid for purely political reasons,  accuse people of crimes that the lying coward lunatic knows are false and are done maliciously.  A really shameful scumbag clown. 

What shocks me is how the cowering coward Senators , etc., allow this disastrous behavior to continue.  It is illegal and unconstitutional behavior that the cowering cowards could and must stop.  

What puzzles me is the lunatic calls people all kinds of derogatory names and one person mentions how fat he is and they are criticized more than the lunatic is!  I agree no one should be characterized by their weight, looks or age , etc., but the lunatic makes it a daily derogatory practice, and anyone who mentions his weight, his ugly pig face or his obscene orange color , etc., should hardly be criticized more than the lunatic is when he does worse. 

Been reading books on an old Kindle I bought.  I bought it several years ago just bought it because it was cheap ($49) and I wanted to see what it was like.  I decided it was better to pay a lot more for an iPad.  I am using it (and my iPads and even my iPhone)  to see if I would really use a reading “paper white” Kindle that was waterproof.  Actually it is going relatively good.  I don’t know how to set the font , etc., but it is set so I can almost read a “page a glance” (well not quite).  

However I have found this (and even my phone) easy to read books on.  I have never read on a “paper white” reader, but I”m sure I expect it would be easier on my eyes than my iPad or the kindle.  

Anyway, it is not a “need,” it is a “want,” so I’ll wait until one of the special sales and buy one.  

It is rather strange, but I have probably read more since I started reading on the kindle, iPad , etc., then I have read books for a while.    Of course part of it was that the Library was closed.  I do have plenty of books (which I am trying to weed), but somehow the fact that that I own them makes it less likely I will read them.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, 5-26-20.  

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