2020 Spring May 28 Thursday

65 degrees this morning,  93% humidity, heavy steady rain this morning 

Overall another cool and gray day yesterday.  Didn’t rain, but it seemed like it as about to all day.  Supposedly got to 79 degrees, but I don’t know when!

Walk, 22:57 minutes, 22 seconds slower than my goal.   A little slower than I expected or hoped for.  

Third day of “My Fitness Pal”.  I have found if I try to be too correct, I end up not using it enough to help, so I am relatively flexible if I am close.   

They actually have improved (even the free version that I use) it quite  bit and makes it a lot easier and more likely I’ll keep using it.  So far I have been diligent in keep track and generally getting all I eat posted.

It interacts with my exercise , etc., and automatically takes the exercise calories and adds them to the available calories.  Thus far I have been staying under, at least in theory.  I am assuming I average out my food to where I am basically correct.

It also has a “photo” part that I can take a picture of myself to actually see any improvement  That will probably be a slow process.  I started out a picture a day, but I think I’ll more it to a week.

I am also keeping track of all the water I drink, I always have drunk a lot of water since I can’t drink carbonated beverages, so I can measure it.

Of course in the end, I know I have to keep my carbs low to lose any weight and to get my sugar level down.  

A few years ago, I went on a lower carb diet and it worked well.  I investigated the Keto eating pattern, but finally decided I couldn’t stay on it, at least I know I can live on the lower carb diet.

Since the Doctor told me to watch my sugar, I have read about high sugar levels and the dangers of high blood sugar , or whatever they call it  One problem with high blood sugar is it lowers your immune system.

For a lot of reasons, I like to do anything possible to keep my immune system good.

Obviously there are a lot of reasons, but if I can  strengthen my immune systems and lose weight,  high blood sugar  and being overweight are two items that make the virus worse, plus any it will make me more likely to be affected by any virus.

Still waiting for the second shoe to drop, so to speak, in the “second wave” of the virus and the consequences.  I feel in this state the “opening” is more of a political thing with the governor even saying he wants the state to be the first to be completely “open”.  While he doesn’t specifically say it, he is ignoring science and reality for political gain.  

Of course, that means he plans on a lot of shortcuts that could end up killing people and causing a lot of illness and pain, just to make a few political points. I think that is true in a lot of states.

I hope not, but it seems like political  expediency is becoming the norm rather than actual statesmanship or any real attempt to serve the best interests of the people.

I’m disappointed, and even a little surprised.  My years working with politicians made me think most of them really were better than that.  Somewhere in the early nineties it started to change with the “single issue politics”  and resulted in a  lying coward lunatic with obvious  dementia  somehow becoming president and making low and evil standards the norm.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 28, 2020.

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