2020 Spring May 29 Friday

61 degrees this morning  88% humidityWeights (yesterday morning) sit-ups, barbells, benchpress

Yesterday started with rain and seemed about to rain most of the day, but it didn’t rain after early morning.  Finally the sun came out and it was actually fairly nice.

It seems stranger and stranger as Summer starts and all of the activities we normally do we don’t even think of.  While the AAA team here hasn’t canceled the season yet I’m sure they will.  Probably the MLB will essentially cancel their season also.

We didn’t have to cancel the CMT Fest because we had decided last year we weren’t going because they were just orienting it to make money and to cater to persons who were young and wanted to party. (The event was canceled this year.)  Nothing wrong with that if that what’s you want, but it was getting to the point we felt unwanted!  We won’t miss It anyway, although we do miss the old CMT before it become obsessed with making maximum $ and catering to specific groups.  

A conference I had looked forward too is being turned into a “virtual conference,” but it was far enough off, I never really got involved in planing it.  I was just starting to plan for it.  (checking air fares, things to do , etc.), but I really hadn’t invested a lot of time in it.

We had talked about going on several vacations this year, but I have a feeling we aren’t going anywhere.  Right now, that doesn’t bother me, it just is.  As the usual events continue to disappear, it may start to bother me, but so far I have generally just adapted.  

It appears there will be “second waves”.  I hope not, but, what I want doesn’t really matter, as I said, It is what it is. 

I guess I’m not too bothered because I can look at what would happen if we did catch the virus.  Even if you live, it wouldn’t be good.  

Maybe if it continues through the Fall and Winter comes it will become real that we missed an entire Spring and Summer so to speak.  Thus far, we have adapted but I don’t think we want it to be a “forever” thing.  

One thing about work, they are not requiring we wear PPE, but they have advised you can’t go out in the field until you have it.  That appears to be a reasonable compromise. 

I’m not going out until at least July 1, and you can bet I will be wearing or using all the PPE I can.  It won’t be a political thing, it will be a practical matter.  

The “virus beard,” or maybe “quarantine beard”is doing fine.  So far I like it, although hardly anyone has seen it since I usually wear a mask outside!  I am trying to decide how and where to trim it , etc.  I actually have a picture of it on Instagram, I haven’t put it on Facebook and I may not.  Probably ought to put one on my web page.

Thus far I have been keeping up with “My Fitness Pal,” although I think it has been all of 3 days since I started.  I am still researching the goals for calories per day, carbs , etc.   I’m probably not that accurate, but it is the process that is important.

That’s it for now, Friday, May 29, 2020.

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