2020 Spring May 30 Saturday

64 degrees this morning, 72% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, nice finally seeing the sun!  Reached high of about 84 degrees.  It’s supposed to be a wonderful week as far as weather is concerned.. 

Walked 25;09 minutes, pace was 1:19 minutes slower than my goal. (or 79 seconds)  I never know why I am slow one day and fast the next.  A difference between 3 seconds 79 seconds over the relatively short distance I walk is quite a bit.

Usually I just walk a smooth pace.  If I consciously push, I find it only improves my pace time by about 25 seconds, which is’t worth the trouble.  I think my pace just naturally improves as I walk more, with the occasional setback.

Went to the first retail store (Walgreens) we have been in since March 15.  Most people wore masks, and I didn’t walk past a hand sanitizer without using it!  

We were very pleased to see hand sanitizer  for sale for the “pre-virus” price and didn’t even have limits on them!  I was glad to get some up to date sanitizer.  The store was out of sanitizing wipes, but also had paper towels and toilet paper if you needed it.

I never really expected to see sanitizer at the normal price without limits.  

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and made me feel better about retail shopping in the store again.

Unfortunately it emboldened us to go out for ice cream at our favorite ice cream store /fresh market  (Braum’s). 

We were surprised that non of the employees wore masks , etc.  We didn’t really expect gloves, but we saw only one person with a mask.  They were running around and obviously not  paying any attention to “social distancing”.  

Every place I looked I saw a way for the virus to be passed and it was scary. When we got back home, I looked up the store and they had all kinds of grand preventative practices (washing hands every 30 minted, sanitizing each cart after use , etc.) and I certainly didn’t see it.  

We kind of felt like we were in a virus mixer. As soon as we got out, we  both said were weren’t going there again until the chance of the virus is at least a lot lower.    

This was a regional chain, but is large enough to do better.  It really bothered us that so many kids working there were at risk as well as putting their customers at risk.  Disappointing to say the least.

Obviously we have a long ways to go in this state.  I doubt if we will consider going to any place retail that doesn’t has masks on their employees.  Probably will be a long time before we go sit inside a restaurant.

Of course, things can change fast, hopefully they will change for the better and not back to the virus starting up again.  

Feels good t realize it is Saturday morning and another weekend is ahead of me!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 30, 2020.

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