2020 Spring June 1 Monday

68 degrees this morning 68% humidity

Another wonderful day yesterday, very little wind, sunny, up to 85 degrees, had breakfast on patio.

Walk 23:25 minuets, pace was 3 seconds FASTER than my goal!  Glad to see me finally get back to exceeding my goal!  I’m not going to worry about maintaining my goal, I’m just glad I’m starting to exceed my goal occasionally!

Cool down walk:  15:02 minutes 

Friday, I about decided to cancel my “delivery” papers and what happens but Saturday morning the I can’t get the electronic version to come up!  Of course that was a rare occurrence.

However, I have decided to take what for me is a historic decision, to stop my “delivery newspapers” soon.  They are just being delivered too late and pose a security problem if we have to go someplace early and the papers come late.  For example, they came after 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning, which simply is unacceptable.  Also, it would save a lot of recycling.  

Kind of reminds me when I was a kid and delivered the daily newspapers.  Since we were kind of off the beaten path, the papers always arrived  late and I’d have people cancel because they came so late.  Understandable. 

I expect a lot more things will be on-line now.  I expect we will return to shopping in stores sometimes.  Although delivery and curb pickup (of grocery items etc) is great, it is nice to actually go into the store.  

While “curbside” pickup of food has been ok, we miss the experience of actually sitting in the restaurant.   I never could understand the reason for ordering from a restaurant at full price and then picking it up or having it delivered to eat at home.  Just doesn’t make any sense and still doesn’t.  (Other than fast food, such a pizza , etc.)

I’m glad it is available now, but not something I’ll miss when the chance to eat in a restaurant comes again.  

I’m not sure if I will ever be big fan of ‘virtual conferences”, Zoom, Microsoft Teams , etc., although they are certainly better than nothing.  

I just realized sitting on the patio this morning, how much I all miss sitting outside watching the AAA baseball games.  I miss the games also, but what really enjoyed was sitting outside in the nice (or hot) weather and just relaxing.  

I really doubt that there will be a minor league season this year, I doubt there is much of a market for a “fan-less” season.  The experience is the main factor in minor league baseball. 

While I really like being able to enjoy the weather at the AAA ball games, I also enjoy the food, the other fans who become more or less “baseball friends” and especially seeing some of the players actually make it to the big leagues.  


That’s it for now, Monday, June 1, 2020.

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