2020 Spring June 2 Tuesday

70 degrees this morning, 73% humidity 

Weights yesterday  morning (sit-ups, barbells & bench press)

Yesterday was a good day, a little more gloomy than I expected, although it was a good day overall, not as much sun as I expected,  but no wind and it got to 85 degrees.

Walk yesterday, 22:22 minutes, pace was 20 seconds FASTER than my goal.  That is the fastest pace has walked in a long time.  Hopefully I can maintain it so I can lower my goal.

Like any goal, I’m not planning on moving it faster all the time, at some point the goal is simply the goal and it won’t move.  

5 years 11 months since we moved to this area, 5 years 9 months since I started my current job.  

Time goes fast.  This year, without of all the activities to make the year, it has flown.  

The lying coward lunatic is really showing what a lying coward he is. What a disgusting sight to see such a cowering lying clown as “president”.  A real sick joke.

The picture tonight with a bible in his hand was especially sick.  

Even George Will, a life long conservative (and one I have always respected) is calling for the coward and the congressional cowering cowards (he called them “enablers”) to be removed.  He actually had an excellent term for them “invertebrates”, no backbone, which describes it well.  

As one commentator said, he is losing it.  I really thought he had already lost it, but he is even losing it more than I expect.  

Only about 3 weeks (actually less) until the start of the official Summer, when the days start to get “shorter” until we go though Winter again.  

It will be like a “year without Summer” in a way.  Of course, the writer of “Frankenstein” wrote the book because a volcano made the “Summer” so cool that people stayed in and told stories and they were telling scary stories.

Apparently it gave her the idea to write Frankenstein, so (assuming you feel it was good), good things happen even from bad events. 

Going to be a busy week, we have the “new” assignments at work and this month some people are working “in the field” so it is going to busy as we catch up on field work.  Actually I won’t go “in the field” until at least after July 1.

We are still “sheltering in place”.  As I noted the other day, we tried to go out a little, but decided it was still too early!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 2, 2020


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