2020 Spring June 3 Wednesday

74 degrees this morning 71%  humidity 

Yesterday was another nice day, wind up a little, high of 89 degrees

Walk: 22:36 minutes, pace 7 seconds slower than goal.

Not a bad time on my walk, but I thought I was walking a little faster than that, but it is what it is!  As I mentioned it is difficult to determine if I am walking fast or slow.  

Listening the “Great Course” on “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus & Mohammad”.  It has been an interesting course.  I am just finishing with the philosophy of Jesus and ready to start with Mohammad.  

I have found the books very interesting in a non-religious way.  I am looking at it in the historical perspective, which is the perspective of the course.  

I thought maybe I walked faster listening to music, but actually my best times were when I was listening to the “Great Course,” for whatever than means. 

As I mentioned before I am starting from very limited knowledge so I am learning a lot.

My “virus” beard (or maybe quarantine beard would be better) is moving along.  I used to trim it, but I decided why trim it?  I’ll let it grow and then trim it so it doesn’t look too wild when I have to work in the field or otherwise join the great opening.  

To go along with my beard, I haven’t had my hair cut for 3 months, (Aliene does trim it), but actually I like it longer anyway.  

I am assuming the virus won’t peak and spread again, we are in “shelter in place status” for longer than the first part of July. 

We are heading to 90 days already.  I never really thought it would last this long when it first started.  I really thought a month or so.  Somehow it kept stretching out until we realized it my be much longer than we thought.  

Mentioned our experience at “Braum’s,” our favorite ice cream place.  It seemed like a virus pit to us, since we hadn’t been out for over two months.  Almost no one wearing masks, I didn’t see any really preventive measures.  

I sent an e-mail to corporate Braum’s, just politely pointing out they could be more preventative.  I got a response saying something about every State and city laws were different.  That didn’t really relate to anything I had mentioned.

It seems they could wear masks, as a courtesy at least.  Actions speak a lot louder than words!

May be good, since now we probably won’t go anyplace for longer than we expected.  Hopefully the virus will continue to fall.

It is finally warm enough to sit outside on the patio this morning.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

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