2020 Spring June 4 Thursday

75 degrees this morning  70% humidity, Wind 10 mph 

Yesterday reminded me of a good Summer day, 94 degrees and relatively hot.  Some wind, but it acted as a cooling factor.  

Supposed to rain and have  thunderstorms this afternoon.  

Yesterday morning went out in the patio for a little while before work, drank some coffee, read some newspapers on my computer.  (Of course the “delivered” newspapers didn’t get here until 8:20 a.m, which was worthless.) Nice to sit on the patio in the morning, I’ll probably start going early on mornings it is 74 degrees or above. 

This morning is the first of hopefully a summer of early morning patio sittings.  Something about the wind in the trees and the nighttime air and the moon hanging in the sky.  

I do keep my eyes open for any wild animals.  I’m not too worried unless it is a snake (not likely at this time) or a skunk (more likely), but since I sit in the light I should be ok. 

I’d like to take my morning nap out here, but I’m not sure quite how I would do it.  

Of course, when I was a kid, we slept outside every night during the Summer, although we had a dog to protect us. He was actually very protective of us, and probably would have fought to the death to protect us.  Fortunately the issue never came up. 

Walk 24:49 minutes, pace was 49 seconds slower than my goal.  I didn’t think I was walking that slow.

I was thinking during my walk that I am used to walking early (very early) in the morning when it was still dark , etc. Even it was 85 degrees, it was relatively cool without the sun.

When I walked yesterday it was 91 degrees when I walked and the sun was shining down.  I decided to just walk at a good pace  I always thrived in sun and heat, but it’s been a few years since I have done fast walking in the sun from mid-day to late afternoon.

In fact, I think the last time I exercised when I walked in the sun was about 25 years ago, and when I walked in the hot sun was more like 30 years ago.  I enjoyed walking in the hot sun, but time became a factor.  Actually I starting walking early in the morning get the newspaper and then I added bicycling. 

Anyway, yesterday I realized how hot I had gotten (not dangerously so, just sweating a lot), I decided to just enjoy the walk and not worry about my pace, although I will keep track of it.

Keeping up with “My Fitness Pal”  Generally keeping up with the food I eat, water drink , etc.,  and it correlates with my walking.  

I can take pictures of myself to follow progress in that area, but it’s kind of difficult to get a good picture.  Actually very difficult until I lose some weight! 

I happened to see a picture of myself taken about 18 years ago (and a few pounds lighter) which has provided some incentive to keep on the diet!  

Actually I don’t like to think of it as a “diet,” I like to think of it as just my eating pattern.  I have to admit a relatively low card eating pattern is best for me.

I ignore the carbs in fruits and vegetables. They are usually “slow”carbs anyway and I figure the benefits outweigh any carbs.

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 4, 2020.

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