2020 Spring June 5 Friday

72 degrees this morning  65% humidity wind 10 mph

Another wonderful day yesterday, high of 99 degrees, sunny most of day, with some clouds late evening.  Supposed to storm last night, but never did .  (I’m not complainingI)

Currently sitting on the patio, listening to the night air (and the sprinklers kicking on), with a semi-full-moon hanging in the sky.  This is wonderful!   At least I have at least four months of being able to sit on the patio.  

Sat out on the patio before breakfast yesterday morning (after my morning nap) and read “These Women” by Ivy Pochoda. 

 This is one of the books I picked up from the Saturday Wall Street Journal and checked out of the library. At first I thought I might quit reading it, but then I got hooked on it. Not my normal kind of  novel, but it is interesting. 

I have a feeling it will end bad, but…  

Walk yesterday in 95 degrees weather, with the sun.  Walked 25:10 minutes, pace was 68 seconds slower than my goal. Didn’t really bother me, I am just  glad I am walking. I just kind of walk without worrying about the pace in this kind of weather.

I monitor my heartbeat on my walk, which is about 15 bpm more when I am pushing myself to walk faster than when I am just strolling.  

For some reason, I have thought it was Thursday all week and it is finally Friday!  Glad another weekend is here finally!

Looks like we will be going “in the field” at work July 1, or possible later on July 15. We will have PPE and will actually be equipped to use it to insure the safety of all.  Of course that is subject to change.  

I have mixed feelings about it, in some ways will glad to get out, other ways, I don’t want to take any chance after all this time of “sheltering in place”.  All it takes is one lapse and suddenly you could be extremely sick.

I always try to wait as long as possible to water the lawn, because I just feel it is such a waste of our resources to put water on a lawn, trying to make a non-native grass green  Of course, we water it anyway, but I still delay it as long as I can and just water it enough to keep it reasonably green. 

I am really shocked at how much our HOA spends on landscaping, watering a lot and then mowing a lot!  Doesn’t really make much sense.

We got an e-mail the other day which more or less indicates there won’t be any AAA ball this summer.  Not surprising, since as the time went by we just couldn’t figure out how they could have a season of any type with summer with any type of safety for the crowd. As I have mentioned before, AAA baseball isn’t the type that can be played without any crowds and have any kind of success.

Basically they are offering some incentives to “wait till next year” if you have any type of ticket package for this year. 

Hopefully we will be able to travel some this year and feel reasonably safe.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 5, 2020.

One thought on “2020 Spring June 5 Friday

  1. So where is Robert Wherry living now? I recall hot summer days in Dorrance, Kansas, riding bicycles and driving cars in an endless circle around the small town we called home. Drinking diet Pepsi from Lindemayer’s beer hall because he didn’t have the real Pepsi available on Sunday afternoons. No beer. No sirree.

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