2020 Spring June 6 Saturday

80 degrees this morning,76% humidity

This is the time of year that I love, when it is 80 degrees when I get up!  I understand it is going to be cooler, but hopefully not much cooler.  

Weights:  Sit-ups, barbells, bench press.  Don’t do a lot of heavy weights, just maintaining.  I actually have been doing sits and lifting weights for almost 30 years, which is kind of a shock when I realize it. 

When I first started, I did’t really expect to really get into it, but I always have enjoyed it up to a degree. I just didn’t think it was worth the time to get beyond just some basic exercises although I enjoyed it.  At least I have  continued sit-ups, barbells and bench press for years.  

Wonderful day yesterday (again), sunny all day, high of 96 degrees.  Wind a little high, but not bad. Better yet, it was also Friday!

Walk 25:57 minutes today.  Pace was 52 seconds slower than my goal  Temperature was around 93 degrees during my walk.

I tried to walk a different route this time  I usually walk a walking trail along an electrical easement, so there is a lot of grass on both sides , etc.  I figured there may be more of a chance n a snake sunning itself in a trail with a lot of grass, but I really don’t know.  

Taking the car in for service this morning .  It is the first time the I will go to someplace like the in almost 90 days.  I decided it was best to go very early in the morning when everything is clean and there are fewer people around.  I made the very first appointment.  

Other than Walgreens, the Braum’s and Doctor’s office, this will be the first place I’ve been to in 90 days.   I’m sure I’ll be using sanitizer a lot and  make sure my mask is on tight. 

Usually I take the car in every 5,000 miles.  This time I am taking in because six months have passed, not because I reached 5,000 miles.  My driving went from about 1400 miles per month to about 150.

We have talked about going shopping in a store , etc., but always decided it was’t worth it.

The only reason I hesitated about taking he car in the first thing in the morning is that ai won’t get a chance to sit out on the patio after my morning nap!  I didn’t really hesitate, I wanted to get there early.  

 It is looking like we will go “in the field” starting around July 1 or so.  I will need to do something about my “quarantine beard” and “quarantine hair” by then.  Or just don’t worry about it!    

Even worse if my “quarantine pounds”.  I hope I can still get I my dress clothes for work!  I am working on it, without a lot of success except at least I know what I am eating and how much I weigh!

Reading “These Women” some more, it is a really interesting book.  I am trying to get it finished so I can read the next book, which is a book about Lincoln I have been wanting to read. 

I am glad th weekend is here.

That’s it for Saturday, June 6, 2020.


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