2020 Spring June 8 Monday

74 degrees this morning  82% humidity

  Weights:  Sit-ups, barbells, bench press

Another great day yesterday, high of 93 degrees.  Wind up a little. Sitting on patio this morning. 74 degrees in the dark with a light wind is a little cool, but still nice. 

Finished “These Women” on the patio yesterday morning.  It was really a great book.  Always nice to find a new author I like.  

I actually guessed “who did it” before the author identified the person. It starts off different, you don’t even know where the book is going.  When you think one way, it suddenly verges off to another area.  

A good way of looking at this book is a quote from the book “Why are people always asking the wrong question?”. 

I got tired of many of the “pattern” novels that are almost the same except for (maybe) the names of the characters .  Of course, I quit reading most of those years ago.  Won’t name any authors names since it wouldn’t really matter anyway.

Of course, there are “pattern” novels that work out and I enjoy them anyway.  

Walk: 24:33 minuets, pace was 76 seconds  slower than my goal.  Temperature was 80 degrees at the time of my walk.

Cool-down walk was 15 minutes.  

After I walked this morning, we did some yard work.  Our yard work is “a little bit at a time,” but eventually it gets done.  I’m not good at that kind of work, so I take it one step at a time and try not to get ahead of myself or get myself in a trap where I do something I can’t fix!  

With the internet it is a lot better, since I can search for instructions on some tasks.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  

I have found even with my lack of skill, I can do a better job than many people we hire.  Obviously that doesn’t apply to plumbing , etc.  I don’t even think about that,’

Starting a new book, this is a book about President Lincoln.  It is by Ted Widmer, “Lincoln on the Verge”.  I have started it, it is interesting, but I am always a little overwhelmed by the size of a book like this. 

As I mentioned with yard work, “a little bit at a time” and I am done. 

It is only about the 13 days it took for Lincoln to go to Washington DC to become President.  Of course, the book goes into a lot of the history involved.  The differences between the North and the South were even more bitter before the Civil War than I realized.

The book said that Troy, Kansas was as far West as Lincoln ever went, but I know he fought in the Mexican-American War, so I’m not sure if that is correct, unless he’s strictly speaking of campaigning. 

We did a “quarantine” Anniversary by picking up breakfast and supper “curbside” and taking it home!  Deal with the what is!  

Monday, start of another week.  I love the work, it is just frustrating having  to spend so much time documenting I have done what I am supposed to do!  What a waste of time.  I can understand documenting, but it is taken to the extreme, as frequently seems to happen. I expect I spend at least an hour a day just in unnecessary documentation.  

That’s it for now, Monday, June 8, 2020.  


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