2020 Spring June 9 Tuesday

 75 degrees this morning, 85% humidity 

Yesterday was another excellent day, sunny all day, high of 94 degrees.  Started he day sitting on the patio reading.

Last weekend I heard something unusual, it was about “Heat bursts”  At around 10 a.m., the temperature in city went from something like 78 degrees to 98 degrees in a matter of just minutes.  The weather person called it a “heat burst”. 

I did some quick research on “heat bursts,” it is usually accompanied by a hot wind.  The worst was in Portugal where the temperature went from 100 degrees to 158 degrees in two minutes 

As they say, I learn something new every day! 

Walk yesterday was 24;57 minutes pace was 47 seconds slower than my goal. Temperature during the walk was around 92 degrees. Listening to the last part of the “Great Course” on Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad.  

I twas an excellent course.  As I mentioned before, since I started off with little knowledge, I learned a lot.  It was an interesting and informative  audiobook.   

As I noted before I just started  reading the book  “Lincoln  on the Verge”.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it provides a completely different perspective on the state of he country at that time.  

I was amazed at how close the United States  came to a complete disaster right after Lincoln was elected and before he became President.  The president James Buchanan had completely given up and his cabinet actually had at least 3 Secretaries who were actually working against the country ad shortly would be Officers in the Confederacy.  The Secretary of Defense had sent weapons to the South, the Secretary of Treasury had looted the Treasury , etc. 

The Capital was only defended by about 500 troops and only General Scott (who by then was so large he couldn’t  get on a horse) and several other individuals took action to defend the Capital.  

Apparently the capital could have been taken over the South very easy.  Lincoln provided a hope for change. 

Won’t bore everyone with the details, but it really emphasizes you never know enough about an event.  I have read fairly extensively about Lincoln and the Civil War and I had never heard about how serious it was and what Lincoln really had to face. 

I didn’t know how a book that long could be about just 13 days, but now I know.  It is a fascinating book.

Was rather shocked today to find out they had suddenly changed their mind at work and now we will be going “in the field” about a month before we were advised, like next week.  I feel misled to say the least considering the seriousness of a mistake and catching the virus.

I figure there are politics involved somewhere, someone wanting to prove something about being able to “open up” as fast as possible without regards for the damage they do. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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