2020 Spring June 10 Wednsday

 61 degrees this morning 57%  humidity wind 17 mph

No sitting on the patio this morning at 61 degrees!

Temperature dropped last night from 80 degrees to 64 degrees, with a high wind, steady wind of 23 mph and it sounds much higher during the night.  

Windy day yesterday, otherwise sunny and warm, high of 88 degrees.  

Walk: 22:36 minutes, pace  85 seconds slower than goal.  I know the wind slowed me down.  Sometimes it blows with me and then against me so it averages out.  Yesterday it was a cross wind.  

Sat on the patio yesterday morning and had my book before breakfast and work. Also ate breakfast on the patio.

I go out on the patio, write and post my journal, read the local newspaper and other papers on-line. 

Then I take a nap (inside) and then go back to the patio about an hour or so before I start work.  Then I suck up coffee and enjoy the patio and read before I start to work. 

I always thought I’d like to retire in late Spring so I curl spend the mornings on the patio and enjoy it. I figure if I retire in Winter, I will be busy by the time late Spring/Summer comes and won’t have he time  to sit  for patio for hours in the morning!

I still am gearing myself up to cancel my “physical” newspapers that are delivered too late each morning for me to read it each morning.  I actually prefer the on-line versions now.  

We are still trying to decide when to start “coming out” and resuming somewhat of a normal life  We had originally intended to look at around July 1, and I was supposed to be going “out in the field” July 1.  We figured by then we’d know if there were any “bumps” in the virus.

Of course, now someone at work apparently has something to prove and I am scheduled to go “in the field” next week.  I kind of feel like a pawn in the game of “who’s afraid of the big bad virus” or “I’m not a coward”  and  feel like someone feels like they have to prove someone and I don’t care for the feeling I get.  

They actually had a good plan set up for transiting into it and we had all accepted it and now someone gets in a hurry. 

I used to feel like the “higher ups” were concerned for our safety but I think now the new ones are only concerned about their image.  That’s what happens when someone is elected (and primarily appoints) people without any experience or concept of public service. 

What is especially concerning if we have always been told if you were “vulnerable,” you could phase and  suddenly it’s all or nothing.  Strange. 

The virus thing has been somewhat of a psychological situation anyway, which is probably one reason I reacted so much.  To put it in perspective, I’ll probably only be out in the field 2 or 3 days before July 1.

My “virus beard” is coming right along.  I am surprised at how much thicker my beard is than my hair!  It is very much harder to wash my beard than my hair! 

That’s it or now, Wednesday, June 20, 2020.

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