2020 Spring June 11 Thursday

61 degrees this morning  57% humidity.

Yesterday started off cold and windy, and then developed into a nice day, around high of 86 degrees.  Wind settled down late afternoon.  However too cool to even consider sitting on the patio (around 60 degrees).  

Walk 25:05 minutes, pace was 45 seconds slower than my goal.  

Obviously not sitting on patio this morning at 61 degrees!  I had been looking forward to sitting on the patio this morning, I didn’t expect it to be this cold again!

Listening to my “Great Course” while I walk.  Almost finished.  I always feel some  anticipation when I am ready to start a new “walking” Audiobook. I have found most of the “Great Courses” are excellent, but I try to space them out.

I actually have about 2 hours left, which is about 4 to 5 days of walking, at my current walking time.  

I was talking to someone the other day (a business person at work during a phone conversation) and it just hit us how much he world has changed in the last 3 months or 4 months depending on how you look at it the whole world changed.  He had started a new business (a restaurant) around February 15 and had to shut down in early March and his entire business world changed.  

Speaking of the psychological effects of the virus, I think around April 24 or so at the “first reopening,” my barber called to say she could make an appointment for me.

Although I trust her to take all the necessary precautions, I just felt myself not wanting to expose myself yet!  This was about a month and a half ago now, and I’m still not sure if I want to get a haircut or go into a store , etc.  

A lot longer than I expected when this all started!  

It is some kind of psychological barrier that I haven’t felt before. While I only personally know one person who had the virus (and she lives in Kansas), the possible effects just don’t make it worth even a slight chance of being exposed to it. 

Of course now the virus is starting to peak again, adding even more uncertainty.  I was psychological ready to start somewhat “normal” life again July 1 (assuming the virus doesn’t peak too much), but not June 15 when we had been promised a “transition period” to July 1 and suddenly, obviously now for political reasons, (the governor bragging about being an “open state”  it is suddenly changed to next Monday.  

Don’t mean to dwell on this, but it is on my mind since we have done everything possible to avoid the virus. Probably the biggest problem will be avoiding shaking peoples hand!  

My “virus pounds” aren’t disappearing as fast as I expected or hoped!  At least I’m not gaining any, but not losing much either.  Of course, I realize it is a long-term thing.  

When I weight myself, I think about the boxer who was trying to make the required weight.  He would lose the match if he couldn’t make the weight!  They even cut his hair and weighed him without any clothes on!  (He finally just made the weight!).  I look at my beard and wonder who much it weighs!  

Watching Boxing, especially “no name” boxing is a secret vice of mine, one of the activities I usually do in the early morning hours.  

Thursday, the weekend is only two days away!  

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 11, 2020.  


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