2020 Spring June 13 Saturday

70  degrees this morning, 62% humidity

Yesterday was cool and even a sprinkle of rain in the morning.  Cloudy morning and early afternoon and then the sun came out, eventually a  high of 92 degrees. 

A little cool for me to sit on the patio (70 degrees, still dark, a cooling wind), but I am desperate!  I’ll sit here as long as I can

Walk, 25:21 minutes, 53 seconds slower than my goal.  It doesn’t bother me if I don’t reach my goal, I still have the goal to work toward. 

About ready to finish the Great Course on Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed.

As I mentioned yesterday, the lecturer mentioned that “quiet time” is one common thread of all of them.  I certainly agree that “quiet time” is important.  They also all feel that “fasting” is part of it, I’ll let others try that!  

I do agree that “quiet time” is important and it opens you up to listen, assuming anyone  /anything is saying anything! 

Another common thread is that all 4 felt was especially bad was being excessive  “self centered” and not showing compassion for others.  

That is another common thread that I can agree with and I certainly see a lot of it now, especially in the political world and many of the extremist “think tanks” that try to bully their views on people.  

I was recently reminded of a book I was introduced to in graduate school, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”  by Thomas Kuhn.  I was fascinated by it in graduate school and throughout my life as I occasionally listen to it or read it again.  I always hear something new.  The author also updated it throughout the years until his death 

Anyway, one of the main thoughts, as least that I picked up, was that sometimes someone new entering a field is very successful, since they aren’t  hampered by the preexisting thoughts and are able to bring more creatively to it. At least that is my interpretation.

I though of this recently  when I talked to someone roughly my age (a couple of years younger maybe) who had a very successful career and then entered a new area and was extremely successful at it.  He had the skills already, just used them in a new way. To develop a new project, in this case a Newsletter. Always encouraging when I hear that. ]

Basically he took existing information and packaged it in a new comprehensive way. 

Another popular concept from book was the ,Paradigm” and needing  to develop a new “Paradigm”.   Probably the most well known concept of the book.  

I recently read that that is probably one of the most influential books of the 20th century

Start of a weekend, thank goodness. Of course, we were looking at “opening up” and now it looks like the virus is ramping up again. As I have noted before, I will do everything possible to avoid the virus, including looking like a chicken, but I am not chicken about looking chicken when it comes to the virus!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 13, 2020.

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