2020 Spring June 14 Sunday

72 degrees this morning  63% humidity Wind 10 mph 

Wonderful day yesterday, high of 95 degrees,  generally sunny, a little windy. 

Sitting on patio this morning.  72 degrees with a 10 mph wind in the dark is coolish but still nice.

Yesterday, actually went shopping at a nearby store for a few items we couldn’t get delivered or curbside pickup.   Not a happy experience and didn’t feel all that safe.  No sanitary wipes for the carts and no sanitizing spray throughout the store.  We won’t be back at that store, if at all possible until the pandemic is over.   

We went early to be one of the first customers right after they opened.  Since they were out of sanitizer wipes , etc., then, we wonder if they ever have any.  

Ate at a restaurant (not just pickup).  Sat on the patio, it was very nice.  We wore our masks (as did the servers) and were able to use sanitizer and felt comfortable about it being reasonably safe.  

Still don’t think we’ll go into the inside restaurant yet or go inside any stores. Maybe being too careful, but we’d rather be too careful.

I’ll probably have to go into stores next week as part of my job, but I’ll just take all the precautions I can. 

Walk yesterday 24:49 minutes.  My pace was 64 seconds over my goal.  


Cool down walk around 15 minutes (I forget to set the watch)

Finished the “Great Course” audiobook today on Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad.  It  was a very informative and enjoyable course.  

I’m looking at the next book to listen to, which is always interesting   I rarely quit listening to a book, occasionally I find one I just don’t like and quit, but normally I learn something new.  I think I did quit listening to a course on biology, I decided silence was better then listening to it! 

Friday night, I had, what for me is a rare experience, I  woke up about 1;00 a.m. and eventually got up for several hours.  (I took a long nap later.)

I very rarely have a problem sleeping, thanks goodness, I usually can sleep anywhere and anytime for at least a short nap.  

Anyway, I decided it was a chance to practice the “quiet time” as I learned in the course.  Since I normally fall asleep when I have “quiet time,” I thought it would be a good time, but it didn’t work.

We had a faucet start leaking Friday and by Saturday afternoon it was literally streaming, not just a leak. 


As I have mentioned before I am not good at stuff like that and couldn’t find the shutoff valves.  Fortunately, we have a son-in-law who is excellent at things like that  came over to help shut it off.

We have a real problem finding decent plumbers or “handymen,” so hopefully we can get it fixed without resorting to having to call a plumber. 

One of the reasons we occasionally start thinking about “downsizing” to a rental where they take care of everything! 

That’s it fo now, Sunday, June 14, 2020.  

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